Monday, 16 July 2018

Leilani - Holiday Update!

Holiday Update!.

What Have i done?

Well this holiday i’ve been catching up with some friends and family. I’ve also been learning some things like what is a bruise? , how to keep healthy and many more.

What Am I Doing This Holiday For My Blog?

So i’m thinking of doing much more blog post in all different ways like on doc’s , doing quizzes , presentations and many more idea that i’m think of. This last week of the holiday i’m going to be learning new things so that my learning goes up.

Got Any Ideas?

Well this question isn't really a holiday highlight but i’ve been running out of great ideas to blog about. So please leave a suggestion in the comments or if you go to Pt England School email me a suggestion so that I can post it.

Please make sure that your idea (s) are not all the same that i’ve posted before make sure it is unique.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Leilani - Healthy Quiz!

Healthy Quiz!

For this task as you can see i've made a quiz about health. Since it is nearly summer i'm sure that this quiz will help out you and your life to be healthier!. 

This quiz took very long because all the resources that I needed for this quiz.This quiz is great so that your day and life is safe and healthy.

If you had enjoyed this quiz please leave a positive comment , share with family and friends also create your own!. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Leilani - #10 Yummy Baking Food!

Task Description:
Yay , so here is another holiday blogging post made by me and my friend Lillyana!. We worked all day trying very hard to make this presentation together. We hope that you , friends and family enjoy this presentation. As you can see we have done 10 yummy baking food's for people too make. These recipes are super simple and very easy to make.

Please leave a positive comment , and share this with family and friends!.

Lillyana Blog.

Leilani - What To Do When Your Bored - Holiday Edition!.

Task Description:
So it is finally the holidays!. Me and my cousin Tepaia thought that since it is the holidays we should make a what to do when your bored but holiday edition. So we came up with different ideas for you to do in the holidays if your bored!. Hopefully you enjoy this presentation because we've worked very hard together to create this presentation. We didn't insert our names on which slide is ours because we worked , maded and did it together as a team!.

If you enjoyed please comment and stay tune for more holiday posts!.

Tepaia's Blog!

Friday, 6 July 2018

GoodBye Fans!

Hi there fans , it time to say see you later. So here in New Zealand it is the last week of school which means school holidays. I would like to say thank you so much for checking out my blog every time I post something. Your support made my blog go viral. Thank you and see you next term. BYE!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Leilani - The Secret Seven Adventure!

Task Description:
For this task we got a Duffy book than we got to voice recorded our own voice of page one into a documentation that our teacher had created for us. My book that I got for my Duffy Book is called " The Secret Seven Adventure". This book is all about some person steeling  a pearl necklace that wasn't their's. There are many different books made from this same person and also there are many different versions.

Leilani - My Flying Animation

Task Description:
Kia Orana. Here is my term 2 animation all about flight. Our task was to create an animation on hyperstuudio. Than I drawed a background , plane and other add on to make my animation look good. This term i've learnt about flight and many other things.
Also please mind the ending and the voice over we had to compelet this and our movie teacher didn't give us enough time. But this is what I had made.