Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Leilani-Animation voice over

Technology you have chosen (choose 1)
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain what your chosen technology was like in the beginning, for Māori.
  • When the Maori people were here they used waka’s made out of wood.If you are wondering what is a waka it is a boat made out of wood and it has carvings.

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain what your chosen technology may look like now.
  • The sailing boat look very flash and fancy.Some have lights,anchors,hotels and more!
IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain how your chosen technology has changed over time.
They have added more technology and more fancy things.

Start Writing here: Kia ora,talofa lava,ola and greetings to you  all my name is Leilani and this is my animation for term 2 2017.We are learning about fishing  and sailing and how it  has changed over the years. When Maori people first arrived in New Zealand they used boats called waka’s. Waka’s were made out of wood and they had Maori carvings around them. Later on when the pakeha arrived they made boats that are called sailing boats and they had sails. Then a few more years later they add  lights, anchors, hotels,engines  and more! Once I saw a boat with a pool and a huge slide. This sailing boat is super cool they use it in the America's cup.The sailing boats go super fast and you have to pedal so that the boat moves.

Leilani - Grammar Practices.

Walt be thoughtful about links between oral (spoken), written, and visual language to give purpose to our writing.

Walt develop our correct use of grammar and punctuation.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Walt: to summaries information across texts

Walt: to explain the change in these technologies over time


  1. What did Iwa use as bait?
    Nothing or a line.
  2. Who did Iwa run into at the river?
  3. What river were they fishing at?
    A river that had eels in it and it was ok to fish at.
  4. What does it mean when it says without a word they let go?
    Without them saying a word they let go of the rope and the eel swam away.
  5. What do you think the old man was thinking when the kids told him the story of their eeling?
    He thought that they were crazy and they just made it up.
  6. What did the man call out and say to Iwi?
    They told him what happened.
  7. What do you think he meant by this?
    There catching a fish is not easy.
  8. What does this story tell us about fishing?
    How they fish and what they used.

One day Iwa went down to the river and she cast her line into the river.

Then later on she heard some boys yelling so Iwa went to check out what was happening.
Once she got to the boys she was like “what are you fellas yelling about”
“We just saw a huge eel”said the boys.
“Man you should've seen how big the eel was” said all of the boys.”it was the one that Koro told us about you know which one”No I don’t” said Iwa.
“Ugh the one that lives a million year”but there is no eels that live that long”,”I know that but I meant it has been alive for a long time.

“That eel haven’t been caught before!”said the boys.
“Help”said Nicky,so they ran to her,”look I got an eel”,so they helped her pill it in and then Iwa put it in the sack.
Later on they were all playing cricket and then there koro called them.
Once they got to there koro he said “did yous catch some eels” and they said “yes”they also told him about the massive eel.
Later on that day they were in bed just about to fall asleep and they said “goodnight”to each other.

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Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 9.44.11 AM.png

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Leilani-Subtraction Word Problems.

Walt: Break numbers into ones, tens and hundreds when subtracting

Task description:This week we did some cool maths work.I have compeletd it and it was super fun.

Leilani-Maori Fishing Techniques!

Walt: to summaries information across texts

Walt: to explain the change in these technologies over time 

Task description:This week we are doing Maori fishing techniques we had a reading and then 
a activity.This activity was really cool we learnt about Maori fishing.I hope that we get to do this again because it was really fun and now I know a lot about Maori fishing.