Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Ambitions For Term 4

Walt: Use correct sentences to help structure our writing

Term 4 has started , so let’s say goodbye to Netflix , Youtube , Games and say hello to a new term! This term topic is Te Wai Toi. Keep reading to find out what our topic means , what we’re learning , and many more!

This term is packed with all sorts of fun events!  My top three events that i’m mostly excited for is having a fun time with my friends and year 6 camp , watching the Manaiakalani films with my friends ,  and as well as learning and creating art projects. I can’t wait to do art and learn many things this term!

Since this term is packed with all sorts of fun events I have set some goals for myself so I can be more confident. As for the first goal I have set for myself is to become more confident in participating in physical activities for the upcoming year 6 camp! That reason is because I get shy doing fun activities , so I need to give everything a go. As for my last goal I have set for myself is to make a perfect animation since for the last couple of years my animation haven’t been quite drawn and animated correctly. So improving my animation would be great for my report.

As this term theme is based on art I have high hopes that we get to create paintings.  But one thing I would like to learn is culture paintings from Korea , China and many countries that have interesting art. As well as learning how countries used to create their paintings in the past  and the meaning of their paintings. I would like to learn about Monalisa.

Overall I can’t wait for all the upcoming events! I’m looking forward to all the upcoming events like year 6 camp and other things we’re doing this term , as well as trying to achieve my goals for being confident in all activities  that we’re going to be doing , and I can’t wait to learn about the meaning of different culture paintings and the famous painting Monalisa. Altogether I am looking forward to all fun learning and creations that i’m going to be doing this term.

Task Description:
For this task we wrote about what this term is about , what we are hoping to learn , and our term 4 goals. During this task we learnt how to write a proper conclusion to finish off our writing. I found that this task we slightly tricky because we had to write our body paragraphs correctly , and I find that there are some sentences that need help because of the words I used. I also found it hard to come up with goals for myself and I found it hard to explain what my goals are in my writing.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Leilani - Decimal Problems!

Walt: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.
Task Description:
As for this silver medal problem we did some decimal problems. This decimal problem we had to is to take away from a decimal that my teacher gave me. Each problem had a different number for the decimal so we got different answers. I think that my answers were incorrect and correct. 

Monday, 15 October 2018

Leilani - Decimal Math Work.

Walt: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description:
First day back to school and we have got some decimal place value work. Here we are doing decimal work with place value. This here is a bronze medal problem that is set for us for our first task. In this presentation I converted a word form to place value in a table. With tens , one , point , tenths hundredths and thousandths. 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Leilani - Titanic

The RMS Titanic was used for shipping mail , cargo and passengers. Unfortunately the Titanic had sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean on 14th of April - 15th of April 1912 , while going from Southampton to New York City. That night she , Titanic. Had collided with an iceberg on a very foggy night which caused the ship to sink. From my research she collided with the iceberg at 11:40 pm which was were Frederick Fleet spotted the iceberg very close to the Titanic. At 2:20 am the water levels increased more than before that her forward deck was under water , with her other half high up in the air with people still clinging to it. However , before some had said that the Titanic had sunk all in one. But when they found her ( which was in 1985 ) they saw that she was in two pieces. All on board the Titanic were 2,224 passengers and crew , maximum was 3,547. Around three thirds of passengers and crew had passed , either from the cold water , sunk or some had survived. Titanic had carried with her some very special and famous names with her like Edith Russell which had survived the sinking. From many of the readings I read , some say that most passengers would have survived the collide with the iceberg if the crew put more people on each lifeboat. So , I think that the meaning to that is more people from the crazy disaster could have survived. Another information I learnt was that Titanic might not be the real Titanic. Some say that the ship that sank is really Titanic’s sister ship Olympic. White Star Line couldn’t lose the amount of money from Olympic sinking so they simply switched their names around. However , if you don’t agree with this information please don’t take it off on me. I found this research about RMS Titanic.

85 years later James Cameron made a romance movie after the sinking of Titanic. While James Cameron was writing the script of Titanic , he modeled the character of Rose after Beatrice Wood. An American artist. 18 December 1997 , when James Cameron released his movie Titanic. It got heaps of hits , in fact Titanic became and still is in the top five highest grossing movie film of all time! But the movie of Rose and Jake isn’t in fact real. Rose and Jake are add on characters to make the movie Titanic more romantic. But in real life Rose and Jake are real people. Kate Winslet character for Titanic Rose , Leonardo Dicaprio character for Titanic is Jake. Both are now 43 years old. While the movie was in making Kate and Leonardo were 21 and 22. While I was reading about Titanic I didn’t find much information about Jake , but I found many about Rose. The movie Titanic is very sad but it’s a great movie at the same time.
Task Description:
One day I watched the movie Titanic , so I really wanted to research about Titanic so I did. All of these information most people won't agree with this writing so please don't do anything mean , because I just found the information. So this information is just used for us to learn about and yeah. Hopefully you all enjoy this writing!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Leilani - My Holiday Recount!

As the last week of the holidays are coming to a close , I think it’s time to do a quick recount about what I did this holidays! What did you do this holidays?

Well let me start off with what I mostly did overall in the first week of this school holidays! Well I wished to watch some of my favourite shows on Netflix , but unfortunately I didn’t get to. I mostly spent some time with my dad’s side! Which is no problem at all. While I was there we went swimming , played games but I didn’t spend much time while I was there but it was fun!

As the last week of school holidays were approaching I choose to do some holiday blogging! My first post that I posted was a pick a path presentation that I was doing during school but I didn’t have much time to finish so I thought that doing that presentation would be great to do as my first post! But I didn’t just do blogging all week , I also did some fun things. Like during the weekends I had a barbeque with my mum's family! Next couple of days I hang out with my dad , did some shopping and now all I have is the weekends left to enjoy with my family. Oh and by the way I watched my favourite shows on Netflix! Also I am reading a book called “ Jake in space

Anyways so this holidays have been GREAT! Spending time with my family and friends , posting on my blog and making other people happier how great! Now that’s what you call a fantastic holiday! Right , maybe not? Hahaha! Moving on! Overall this holidays have been the best! How was yours?
Task Description:
As the school holidays are ending I thought it was time to write a very short recount about what I did! Okay to be honest with you all but while I was writing this I was watching Titanic which made me very emotional , but I got through it! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Leilani - Halloween Poster! ( Muhahaha )

Walt: To create a Halloween poster!

Task Description:
It's super close to Halloween! For this task I have created a Halloween poster! Halloween is a very special occasion , for kids yeah! In this poster I have kept each image label for reuse. Hopefully you are going to enjoy this or you have already enjoyed this poster! See you later!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Leilani - My Fun Day!

As I was getting ready in the morning I didn’t know how much fun was coming towards me. As I as well as two of my cousins waited we played some very fun and exciting games. Not long after we were heading to the pools. As I walked into the pools I felt excitement rushing through my bones and the smell of chlorine coming from the pools. Not to lie but there were a bunch of kids and adults swimming in all the pools , but not in the one we swam in.

While I was getting prepared to swim my nana was quite concerned about my height in a deep pool. I explained to her that I was going to be fine and so she trusted me , so off we went! As my whole body entered the pool I could feel a rush of coldness running through my feet to my arms , now I could say that it was very , very cold! Not long after my body got used to the coldness. Myself and my cousins swam , had races , laughed , tricked each other and just enjoyed our time at the pools. Our plan at the beginning was to have 30 minutes each in two pools , but since we really enjoyed our time in the first we stayed even longer! As we were swimming there was a lot of laughter , getting tired and struggling ( no lie but I was the one struggling! ) , but as all the fun time went fast by it was time to get out and go home. So we did. Walking home wasn’t a mission at all ( by the way we’re going to my aunties house. ) We ate some nicely cooked chips and bread for lunch and headed to my place.

Around two minutes later we had arrived at my house! My first thing that I did was go for a shower , of course. After that time myself and my cousin started to plan a treasure hunt. But as that time went by we had to leave a do some other things. Not long after we came back home and carried on with what we were doing. Both my cousin and I thought that doing a treasure hunt would be quite boring so we moved onto doing something else. This idea was supposed to be a truth or dare game but it ended up as a water balloon fight in jeans and clean clothes! From the really hot heat that water balloon fight cooled us down a lot. For hours and hours we played , laughed , got tired , made up games and just had a bunch of fun. But after all that fun time it was time for my cousin to go home. We said goodbye and so she lefted. So that was basically how my day went.
Task Description:
For this task I have written a descriptive writing about my day. This task I have wrote three paragraphs , not thinking about the right strictures of how to write. But I wanted this writing to be free and just a good writing. As I was writing I was thinking of descriptive words instead of boring , plain words. My writing I tired to explain things correctly and easy for people to understand what I wrote. For this task I had learnt how to use other words instead of using the same over and over again , as well I learnt how to be more descriptive of how I felt , what I smelt and just how I was. I enjoyed this task a lot because I got to write! Hopefully you did or you are going to.