Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Leilanu - My Dream Bedroom Descriptive Writing!

Walt: Write an interesting piece of descriptive writing, using adjectives, to describe our dream dream bedroom to our blog audience.

Task Description: For this week description writing we got to create our dream bedroom.
I have create my dream bedroom with what I would have in real life. Once we finish this presentation we go to create our dream house!. This task was easy and fun!.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Leilani - Ordering Units!

Walt: Understand These Problems Task Description: For this task we are learning about ordering units.

Leilani - Pineapple Cadbury Chocolate Rapper!

Walt: To write an opinion piece.

Task Description:
For this task once we had finish writing about our review of eating our chocolate we got to create our own cadbruy chocolate rapper about our chocolate that we got.

Leilani - Chocolate Review!

Walt: To write an opinion piece.
Trust me , this Review is not  for Pineapple lovers!!!

This product is NOT for Pineapple lovers , if this chocolate was the only chocolate in Auckland , New Zealand I would throw up!!.

This Cadbury Tropical Pineapple chocolate has a very unique packing and taste. This product is a limited edition chocolate which means it very new!, and who doesn't love new chocolate? This Tropical Pineapple chocolate is a normal milk chocolate with Pineapple filling infused inside.

This Tropical Pineapple chocolate is probably going to upset your love relationship with chocolate. When I first smelt this Tropical Pineapple chocolate I thought it would be Carmel but then once I bit into it , it was a whole different world. When I bit into this chocolate the pineapple filling bursted in my mouth and it felt super gooey. I will definitely rate this product a 4 out of 10. Was this chocolate the best chocolate i’ve ever tasted??.

First of all you can go ahead and chill with pineapple flavour and colour! , the colour is really putting me off!. Another thing is why are you putting healthy and not healthy together?. Cadbury if you are reading this PLEASE take my advice so that this chocolate can be the number one selling chocolate in New Zealand.

To all chocolate lovers across the world I don’t recommend this chocolate at all!. But you know that you have your own personal opinion about this chocolate. Cadbury PLEASE make this chocolate the number one hit for all chocolate lovers!.

Task Description:
For this task we got to ate chocolate. After we ate that we got to write about our review.
Here is mine. My chocolate was very disturbing!.

Leilani - NRL Running Meters!

Walt: Understand how to answer these problems.

Task description:
For this task we are trying to figure out if they are going to complete goal.

Leilani - Measuring Problems # 3!

Walt: Understand measuring problems.

Task Description: 
For this task we are learning how to figure out these measuring problems.
This task is for people who have completed the bronze.