Thursday, 14 February 2019

Information Web - Jane Campion!

Walt: Find and summerise key information

Task Description:
For this task after we found information about Jane Campion I made a google drawing which shows two groups label as personal information and the second box labels work related information. Once I label two groups I added the information I found all together in each group. Here is the results. Bye!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Facts About Jane Campion!

Walt: Find and summarise key information.

Task Description:
Today I am sharing with you my very first reading task which has been given to me by my reading teacher Ms Tapuke. Our task was to find key information about the meaning behind each of our reading groups name. My reading groups name is Campion ,short for Jane Campion. ( Director. ) Our first task was to read a article about her and find information about herself. After we found good information about Jane Campion I made a google drawing of facts about her self. This task was fun as I got learn different facts about Jane Campion my amazing groups name. Hopefully you have enjoyed see you next time!

Letter To Ms Tapuke.

WALT: write for a specific purpose and audience.
Dear Ms Tapuke ,

My name is Leilani and I am looking forward to being in your literacy class for 2019! I have a family of four. Myself , my older sister and my parents. We all enjoy going out for dinner since all four of us are always busy with school and work. My mum is Cook Island and my dad is Maori. I am blessed to be both cultures as I can express them both by sharing the culture around , dancing and singing to others.

I love to watch Korean dramas as they are very interesting and great to watch. My favourite is She Was Pretty! This show is so interesting I also enjoy attending Pt England School because everyday I get to learn new things in different subjects like reading , writing and maths. I enjoy doing reading and writing although I get stuck most of the time because I struggle to write a lot because my fingers hurt.

This year I am hoping to improve on my maths as some equations are hard to solve. I want to focus on learning year seven problems so I am ready for year eight. Or even learn much more that is higher than year seven. Wondering why I want to learn so much this year? Well the answer to that is because in the future I want to get a scholarship to a college when I turn year eight. This reason is because I want to get into a good college so I can get a good education for future time.

A fun fact I would like to share about myself to Ms Tapuke would be that currently I am going to my first swimming lesson this weekend! I am not confident in swimming so my Whanui signed me up and every weekend I go swimming lessons. This way can help me improve in swimming so I can save myself in any dangerous water situations. I am hoping that my swimming lessons can make me more confident in swimming.

Your Sincerely ,



Task Description:
Welcome to all! Today I am sharing with you my very first task I have completed in my literacy class. This task we had to write very interesting facts about yourself to share with our teacher Ms Tapuke! As you can see I wrote a lot about myself. Four paragraphs which include some of my hobbies , my family , goals , what I enjoy doing on a normal day , as well as just sharing fun facts about myself. Hopefully you all enjoy my writing and I will post next time.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

A Letter To You.

Hello to you reading. I am informing you that I will be taking a short time off from blogging. I'm going to take some time away and spend time with my family as school is approaching in some time soon. You all don't have to worry about my safety , i'm going on a trip up north to visit family members , going out for dinner , spending time with my cousin who is soon leaving to Australia , going Rainbow Ends and yeah. I will make my last blog post at the end of this week. So stay tuned. Bye!  

Thank You Letter!

Here I am sharing with yous all my thank you letter to the Summer Learning Journey team!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Part Two: Oh No!

Walt: To carry on from part one of creating a fiction story.

Part Two: Oh No!


Previously On ' Twins Birthday '

The twins had a great birthday and got many kisses , food , cakes and presents ( presents where there MOST favourite. ) So they woke up the next morning to find all of their toys were all gone!


Continue On ' Twins Birthday '

As the Rosie and Bumbie entered their playroom with excitement they both balled out with tears! All of their toys had disappear! What a disaster. Rosie and Bumbie mother Courtie entered the twins playroom she asked in a soft voice " What happen? Did yous get into a fight again and your bear ripped!? " The twins explained to their mother what had happened. Her reply was so silly! " Oh , don't be silly guys. A special guy took them so they could be cleaned before they get to you guys. Just to get rid of ALL the germs! ". The twins reaction was priceless , as soon as they heard get rid of germs! They realized that the ' Germ Keeper ' stole them! They both walked to their bedroom without their mother noticing , shut their door and called ' Baby Head Quarters ( Baby HQ ) ' Since Baby HQ is always on time they picked up in a instant , the reception answered " Hey there ... " , the twins interrupted and shouted send us to HQ! Of course that's what the reception did but he felt so sad because the twins were soo rude! Now they have one enemy on their list. But the twins had no care because they really wanted their toys so they sprinted as fast as they can to HQ. In HQ there was all of the big boss and the huge , huge , huge boss was their first cousin. Chimmie! 

As they both entered Chimmie's office everyone went slient , the twins quite a couple of years ago to take some time with the family and no one has seen then since. Chimmie turned around to see the twins standing there looking very tired and angry. " Chairs! " shouted Chimmie , and two strong unicorns came with two comfy chairs ready for the twins. As they both sat down Chimmie simply asked why they were here , they explained everything and the whole building was in shock! The ' Germ Keeper ' took the HUGE BOSS two years ago and no one has seen him since but the HUGE BOSS still keeps in contact with the Baby HQ somehow. Anyways. Everyone sprang into action and took the twins to a street. This street with REALLY dangerous that the twins had to wait in the car. Rosie heard people yelling , and Bumbie felt the car shake. Chimmie was in the car with them and he did a LOUD STINKY FART! Everything went silent and the door next to the twins opened. It was uncle Robie!


Concluding The Journey!

Activity 3: Concluding the Journey [10 points]

Sadly, the Summer Learning Journey has now come to an end. It is time to reflect on everything that you have learned about the environment and, particularly, about how you can protect and preserve it.

On your blog please tell us:
  1. What is one thing that you learned from participating in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year?
Well before I would like to give the answer to this very first question i'm going to be telling you's all something very heart breaking , which most of yous will already know but. Unfortunately this is my last Summer Learning Journey post! I have been enjoying every moment but either this year or next year I can participate once again. Anyways , one thing that I have learnt from participating in the Summer Learning Journey program this year was learning about birds. This activity was week four , day three , activity one. On this day and activity we got to learn about birds and choose one. These birds we were choosing was from a website where people could vote for the bird that they want for bird of the year. 

What is one thing that surprised you?

Well the one thing that mostly surprised me was the super cool activities that the Summer Learning Journey team put together for us participants. Each activity was fun and we all had lot's to learn about.
I'm also going to add onto that and say my second thing that surprised me which was the facts.
Each day we got to do amazing activities that the team put together and each time we did one we 
learn't new facts , which each fact always surprised me.

What is one thing that concerned or upset you?

Well once again I have two things that have upset myself. The very first thing that has upset me is the Summer Learning Journey activities stopping. I enjoyed each one and every effort the team putinto these activities. Without them I bet my learning would be going downwards. But it's going up.
My second thing that is concerning me or that has upset me is that our world is getting effected by 
pollution , air pollution , rubbish , plastic just everything destroying our planet. Which means
the future generations are not going to have a chance of having a clean planet.
  1. What is one thing that you (or your family) can do, moving forward, to help protect our natural environment?
The one thing that we can do to protect/help the environment is to just keep trying our best at everything , that can help our planet. Maybe my family and I can try the ' Tag Your It ' challenge. 
Maybe in 2019 we can join more community service that are helping our rivers for example.
Hopefully in the future my family and I are doing better at helping the planet and our natural

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Task Description:
It's so sad to hear that this is the very last activity for the Summer Learning Journey program. So here I am sharing with you all. We had to answer some very sad questions and I also did a small poster with Rachel in it with beautiful stars around her picture. Hopefully you all have enjoyed my Summer Learning Journey posts that I have been sharing with you all. Bye!