Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Leilani - Year six camp at camp Bentzon!

WALT: write a recount about a personal experience.
Walt: organise our ideas into a series of paragraphs.
All of the year six campers from Pt England School got to camp at Camp Bentzon located on Kawau Island! This experience was the best! Continue reading to find out what the year six campers from Pt England School got up to!

As we were travelling on the Kawau Kat Ferry to Camp Bentzon , excitement rushed through my bones. Not long later we arrived at Camp Bentzon and I was extremely excited from what we were about to do ( apart from walking up Killer Hill. ) After we piled our luggage nicely on the deck we got prepared for our walk for the Killer Hill! At first I thought that Killer Hill was going to be much easier but as we started our walk on Killer Hill we weren’t even half way and most of us were so tired! We all climb up Killer Hill with tiredness and as we were out of breath we stopped to take a break ( which felt like heaven to me. ) Not many minutes later we got to walk down to the beach and we got to play and have a brake before we climb back down Killer Hill. Mr Sommerville showed us how far he could throw a rock , which was pretty far no lie. Also some of us got to skim rocks into the water! After our long break we headed down back to Camp Bentzon. Not lying but Killer Hill was so steep , that most of us nearly feel! ( I think a lot of us fell. ) As the day continued we got into our cabins , in my cabin I had Chance , Nevayah , Paige , and Tatia. All us girls set up our room. Throughout the day everyone just chilled and ate dinner as well as lunch. Later that day it was night time. Then we watched a EXTREMELY fun movie called “ The Princess Bride “. This movie was excellent , but some don’t agree with my opinion. I think that the Princess Bride was the best movie ever!

As us girls woke up pretty early and started to get ready the next day. We heard girls voices echoing from down the hallway travelling up to our room. Paige opened the door and we all saw some girls walking down the hallway for i’m not sure why! ( Actually I know why , it was girls going to the toilets and I did to. ) All a sudden we heard the Bugle and EVERYONE sprinted down stairs for our first walk up on the fitness trail. Let me say that some kids ran up the fitness trail but it was hella tiring! Once we walked back we ate some delicious breakfast! After breakfast we got ready and started our first activity of rotations! As for Bentzon A our first activity was Sailing ( Optimus. ) , for Sailing I found it pretty fun and since we all listened to Peter on how to sail none of us tipped over! While we were Sailing Peter was on his Pontoon so he would keep us safe. Overall Sailing was my favourite activity out of all of them. After Sailing we ate some biscuits and apples for our snack. Then we moved onto our next activity , and as for Bentzon A we moved onto Confidence Course which was quite easy. Mr Jacobson took the Confidence Course and he gave all of us a memo. “ Hug your mumma “ was Mr Jacobson memo because as you climb up to a large log to get down you got to “ Hug you mumma “ to be able to get down. The Confidence Course was extremely fun and easy. My most favourite activity for the Confidence Course was when you could climb onto a VERY thin rope and you MUST walk onto that rope across to the other side where you can stop and hop off. ( Hopefully that was helpful. Also a helpful tip that would help me and you out is that after every activity we either get a lunch or a snack before our next activity. )

After our wonderful lunch Bentzon A went to the Burma trail while everyone else went to their own activity. What is a Burma trail? You might think , well a Burma trail is where you get blindfolded and you hold onto a rope which leads in a circle and back to Camp Bentzon. For the Burma trail it was my most not favourite activity because it was pretty dangerous because there were trees everywhere surrounding us and the rope was quite close to the trees that we could bump into them! ( I did a lot of times. ) Moving on , we all followed the rope and nearly to the end of the Burma trail I took my blindfold off because Tina ( our helper AKA Wivern mum AKA Tina. ) told us to take the blindfold off because it was VERY dangerous and I REALLY wanted to take off my blindfold. After another snack Bentzon A moved onto Orienteering. In Orienteering we received a map that includes clues so that we could find the letters. All of the letters for Orienteering were hidden all over Camp Bentzon. Also another item we received when we were doing Orienteering was compass that helped us with directions , but we didn’t really use the compass. The purpose of our Orienteering was to find all the letters in order and make four words. All of our four words were Kayak , Rafts , Optimus , and the last word I forgot. Overall in our second day for our first rotations I found that all of the activities for our rotations my favourite was Sailing. That reason was because the weather was beautiful and I found Sailing EXTREMELY fun. Especially since I got to Sail with my friends. This night we got to play I think three or four rounds of Spotlight and I won one round with many of my friends. Others won more than one and some won all of the rounds we played!

As the next day came we packed our bags and I got ready for Abseiling , I was super scared for Abseiling. After breakfast we headed for Abseiling. While we were putting our helmets and harnesses on I look at the top of where we were going to Abseil. In high up in the sky I saw the top of where we were going to Abseil. We were about to start Abseiling it end up starting to poor down with rain! Everyone was so excited and God just decided to let it rain ( which was fine. ) So Tha-zin , John , Levonah , and I went back to where our Cabins where. We stayed there for a while and me and Levonah went back to Abseiling. Not long after it was my turn. As I was climbing up the side of where we Abseil I felt so nervous because our steps that were helping us climb to the top where wide apart which made me worried , but I eventually arrived at the top. Now all I needed to do is climb back down , which was the most scariest thing ever! It was so slippery that I feel and my face crashed into the wall! After Abseiling we had a snack and got ready for Kayaking. As we were tighten our life jackets I felt super excited because I LOVE Kayaking! While we were Kayaking we Kayaked fair away to find Stingrays! But unfortunately we didn’t seem to find any Stingrays! Which was fine with me because the weather was beautiful and we got to splash each other! Overall Kayaking was very fun and exciting!

After another wonderful lunch Bentzon A first activity was Raft building! As for this activity you got to build rafts with tanks , ropes to create a raft that can float in the water until yourself or others can reach this grey floating thing in the water that everyone jumped off. All of the girls in Bentzon A team we versed the boys and none of us won. What we first built was a frame so that the tanks would be easier to fit underneath our frame. Unfortunately our idea didn’t go as planned. Instead as we placed our rafted into the water tanks came out from underneath of frame which made the wood frame sink. After we built our rafts we put everything away and went for a swim. I choose to jump off this floating thing in the water but as I was climbing onto it I accidently cut the top of my legs from all of the Oyster! But I recovered. After our afternoon tea Bentzon A did Bivouac. As for Bivouac you go into the woods and build you a hut. Your hut must be able to not get water inside it and your hut must we standing up well so your stracture won’t fall. Our hut we were planning to build didn’t turn our great we were planning to create this use scracture that went to tree to tree with many sticks of the side as well as a large door. The others made a wonderful hut that didn’t really fit both of them. After our last activity we had free time , and had our last practice for our year six camp concert. As the time came to perform we all gathered chairs outside underneath the beautiful sky with bright stars in the sky. Each group performed their own unique performance , but Bentzon performance was OUTSTANDING! We performed the fresh prince of bel air and the song “ I want to dance with somebody “. As for our first song we dance to the song then it transition to “ I want to dance with somebody “ we ran out to the audience and grab some teachers. Other our year six campers some campers got awarded some chocolate for king and queen ( Levonah and John ) , leaders and other things. Also the group that had the best dance was Bentzon A! Then we all feel asleep.

Thank you to all of the teachers for taking care of us going there , at the place , and coming back. We all appreciate everything that you have given to us. Also thank you to our parents for paying our fees and letting us go to camp. This was my favourite camp ever! Another thing I would like to say is sorry Tina for dealing with us even though we were the best and I know my jokes were the best. Overall I would like to thank all of the teachers , helpers , and family’s for helping out for year six camp , without yous all we wouldn’t be able to attend our year six camp!

At this year six camp I enjoyed every single thing that we did for our activities as well as sleeping in our cabins. But my most favourite thing that we did for activities was Sailing and Kayaking because we got to be out in the water for a long amount of time , having fun! Another thing that I loved besides activities was sleeping in our cabins or going to other cabins. Because in my friends cabin it was super funny and we made a lot of memories. While we were at our year six camp I learnt that only things you think are scary are just in your head , as well as try your best and don’t give up. Thank you for reading I know you enjoyed!

Task Description:
Today's task I wrote about our recent camp. The year six camp to Camp Bentzon. I wrote about our camp which was pretty fun , I wrote every single thing that we did at our camp and every single thing we did on those days. I even wrote a thank you to our helpers/teachers/family's and many paragraphs with a lot of sentences.  

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Leilani - Cave Art Animation.

Task Description:
This task is my term four animation. In this animation it is about cave art. Which means we needed to draw a animal and just make a cave art animation. My cave art animation is all about a polar bear family getting attacked from a tribe that is hungry and want's to steal  their food for dinner. Eventually the tribe and the polar bear family gets to share the food with each other. Enjoy! 

Monday, 19 November 2018

Leilani - Marine Life & Wildlife At Kawau Island!

Walt: To do some research on Kawau Island Marine Life and Wildlife.

Task Description:
Kia Orana everyone reading. This week the year six's at Pt England School will be attending a camp , called camp Bentzon. All throughout this week we have been preparing for our camp. But just before we leave we needed to know what type of animals are on Kawau Island. Just in case if we see a Wallaby and call it a Kangaroo. I'm extremely excited for this up coming camp. Moving on. As for this presentation , I have found some information about a Wallaby's , Wekas , Stingrays , and Orca Whales/Killer Whales. On the second slide I have added a contents page for all people to use so that they can access the slides easily. If you are exploring the slides and you would like to return to the contents page. All you simply have to do is click the images of each animal on their slides , and you will return to the contents page to check out more of the animals. Overall I really enjoyed doing this presentation because I got to learn many information about Kawau Islands Marine life and Wildlife. I would highly recommend this to people that are planning to go to Kawau Island in the future. Enjoy!

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Leilani - Kimangi!

Walt: To write a creative piece of writing.

Sitting there with excitement Leilani was thinking , Kawau Island! Best place ever , and we’re going this week! Now that's what I call the best camp ever! ( Few hours later. ). As the year six campers were travelling on their long journey to Kawau Island. The students of 2018 year 6 campers from Pt England School had noticed that it started to get gloomy , and the sky was getting darker every minute. What could possibly be going on? Well I don’t know. All a sudden the captain of the ferry was speaking through a microphone , “ Excuse me all passengers on the Kawau Kat ferry going to Kawau Island , i’m your captain. Captain Boots , but you can call me Captain B. Anyways , we are going to stay out in the ocean for quite some time. This reason is because “( breaking out sound. ). We are now officially in the middle of nowhere! Thought Leilani. But hours later after their long adventure they had arrived at a very strange island. Leilani thought , that this couldn’t be it.

As Leilani placed her left foot onto the dock she felt a sense of relive. But that wasn’t the end of her adventure. As all of the passengers on the Kawau Kat ferry set foot on the mysterious island all the teachers realized that this wasn’t Kawau Island , they also noticed that the Kawau Kat ferry was nowhere to be seen! “ Dang , this turned into a GREAT sounding camp to a upside down dangerous adventure!” said Leilani with fear. Unexpectedly a roaring voice travelled through the mysterious island. “ Hello! , my name is Bentley. I know it’s like the car. Moving on , today you all have come not to Kawau Island but to C Island. Every single one of you’s are going to play Kimangi , you have no choice to participate because you already are! No going back! Helpful facts you WILL be needing throughout Kimangi , is you all have THREE chances. Use them wisely. Another helpful fact you will need for Kimangi is ( silence ) nothing I guess. Good luck and may the force be with you! “. From then and on Leilani felt that there were going to be more nerve wracking announcements about to be told to herself and her friends.

“ Mr Goodwin what the heck is going on!? “ said Leilani , “ well , i’m not sure. I’m going to take the best group. Bentzon. ( Wink wink. ) I will take them and some teachers. “ replied Mr Goodwin. Quite some time later they were off , going on a great ADVENTURE! As they started walking for quite some time it seemed like there were animals or humans living in the woods ( not necessary at all. ) , not long ahead of them they started to hear sticks jumping? Not even sure themself! The teachers instructed them to stop , then suddenly they all heard two people screaming very LOUD. From who knows where! They all sprinted towards the two loud screams , and they found Peter and Erin. Sitting in chairs with sticks surrounding them! “ Thanks for coming , um can you please move all of those sticks! “ said Peter , they moved the sticks away and they ran for their lives! As they stopped for a break they all surrounded a pile of sticks , and Peter and Erin updated them with what’s going on. Wow , there was a lot of things going on. That’s for sure!

They were all so confused , meanwhile back at the rest of the campers , the Kawau Kat ferry came to pick up them up! Why didn’t the others stay!? Moving on , they walked even further and Peter and Erin told them more information on what was going on. Apparently were they were Wallabies were taking over , and they needed to get onto the next level. NEXT LEVEL , what the heck! This means there is another level , what could it be now? Thought Leilani. Well up ahead of them they found a two level home with sticks , leaves , trees all over the place! “ No way that this was a haunted mansion house! “ whispered Leilani , “ Yep , it definitely is. “ replied Peter. Wow , it all suddenly went completely silent. They slowly approached the haunted mansion house. As they got closer and closer to the haunted mansion house they heard the wind whooshing from side to side! Leilani started to get chills. They tip toed inside of the haunted mansion house , i’m not sure why we didn’t go around. Anyways , as they entered Leilani saw in the corner of her eye’s floating chips! Then they all heard a loud crunch , hahaha the ghost was eating chips! Mr Goodwin joined the ghost by eating his morning tea chips , and everyone joined in. After their short break they stopped eating and carried on with their adventure. All a sudden Leilani heard the sound of ocean waves! But what if it’s just a prank? What could this sound be?

Dun dun dunn , it was nothing! But all they found was a button , and of course they pressed it. ( Wait , why was there a button? Moving on. ) “ Dear you , thank you for playing Kimangi. Hopefully ALL of you participants have made it through Kimangi. Now you may leave C Island and enjoy the rest of your life. Good bye. “ spoke a mysterious voice. Finally they could leave. Leilani was extremely excited to leave Kimangi behind. As they were leaving C Island Leilani felt that there were more crazy ADVENTURE’S heading her way.

Task Description:
For our task we wrote a creative writing that involes our trip to Kawau Island. In my story I wrote Kimangi. Kimangi is where Jimangi and Kawau Island mixed together. But as for Kimangi there is only two levels. I tried hard in these writing , I also wrote one introduction , three main paragraphs and one conclusion. I loved this creative writing because I got to use my imagination and yeah. 

Leilani - Soaking Sponges Throw!

Walt: To write a successful peace of writing.

Throwing soaking sponges at your teacher sounds awesome , especially if you get to throw it where ever you want to your teacher! Have you ever got the opportunity to throw soaking wet sponges at your teacher? Continue reading to find if I got to throw some wet sponges at my teacher with all my friends.

As I entered my classroom I realized that something very unexpected was going to happen. I had a huge feeling we were going to do something very fun. So in fact we were! All my friends and I didn’t find out what type of fun activities we were going to do until we got down to the bottom field , not long after we walked happily to our schools bottom field. As we all were walking I wondered what were in the bags that Mr Goodwin was holding , why was Mr Sommerville and Mr Jacobson helping , is this a test. I had so much things I was thinking. Not long after we got told what we were going to do to something very mean to our teachers!

This time my wish came true , it was to through cold , wet and soaking sponges at my teacher! Room 7 could not be patience so we sprinted to the green buckets that were full of cold water and had one yellow sponge inside. Also you wouldn’t believe what our teachers were wearing , let me tell you how rediculous they looked! Mr Goodwin was wearing some bright yellow swimming flippers , then Mrs Sio was wearing baby floaties which was not normal at all , then lastly Miss Parrant wore just goggles ( good choice.) Not long after the game had started. Amira threw a sponge , I threw a sponge , Loseit threw a couple of sponges that hit Mr Goodwin right in his neck! During my fun time chucking wet sponges at my teachers and having fun with my friends we all had to stop , luckily something even funnier and better was going to happen!
Dun dun duun! Mr Sommerville choose three students from room 6 , room 7 , and room 8 to dump all the cold water from their buckets onto their teacher! Room 7 was the most funniest , not because we had to dump water onto our teacher it was that Paschal missed Mr Goodwin by miles! Come on mate. But lucky for Mr Goodwin he didn’t get wet , just wait Mr Goodwin we are going to get you on year 6 camp. During chucking wet sponges at my teacher I mostly had a lot of fun with my friends , and shouting out at the people who missed Mr Goodwin. I never knew that this fun time was going to be actually entertaining.

Throwing the sponges was a pleasure. I had a extremely fun time with all my friends and classmate’s. Overall I would LOVE to chuck sponges at my teachers next time , but instead I would like my classmate’s to chuck it at me! Just joking. Anyway , this time with my friends was awesome! Hopefully next time we could do this again.

Video from our fun time:
Task Description:
For this task we wrote about a great experience that team four did for fun. In this peace of writing I wrote one introduction , three body paragraphs , and on conclusion. During I was writing I used the burger type of writing so each paragraph is written correctly. This task we extremely fun because of what we wrote about , which was throwing sponges at our teachers!

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Leilani - Decimal Problems 2!

Walt: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description:
As for this task for this week it's all about decimals. On each slide had a different object that had different lengths , my job was to add the amount of lengths that each object had all together and I got an answer. 

Leilani - Decimal Place Value 2!

Walt: Use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description:
As for this week's math's task we are carrying on with Decimals. Last week bronze medal problem was a decimal place value , and so is this week but with different numbers. In this task we converted numbers spelled into numbers into a decimal place value.