Thursday, 23 November 2017

Leilani - Trip To Orchestra!

Trip To Orchestra!
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Have you ever been to a Orchestra? Well on the 22th of November. The year 7 and 5 went on a trip to the Orchestra in New Zealand , Auckland. We watch acrobat and amazing talented people play amazing instruments.

While we were there watching amazing talented people were playing outstanding instruments. We even learnt about each instrument. Did you know that the Violin has the highest pitch? First before the acrobats came onto the stage they played some nice and relaxing music made by different talented players that play instruments. It was stunning.

Now the talented acrobats came onto stage. They did amazing tricks and they had stunning costumes. There was five acrobats. They re told the story by dancing. They did some outstanding tricks. It looked like they practice , practice and practice every single day.

I have learnt much more about instruments by going to the Orchestra. Also I am very sure that that was my first time going to watch acrobats doing outstanding tricks. Would you like to go to a Orchestra? Link Here Please Check It Out!

Task description - Year 7 and 5 went on a trip to Orchestra. Since we went there I felt super bored so I wanted to write what we did. I didn't go into to much detail because I wanted it to be simple and fast. I have added a link so that everyone else can check out the Orchestra that we went too. God bless you and your family , stay safe and see ya later!

Monday, 20 November 2017

Leilani - Free Writing - The Cave!

Walt: write a detailed narrative from a sentence starter  Walt: use descriptive words to make a narrative more exciting

The Cave
I walked into the dark, gloomy, damp cave. Everything was silent apart from the slow drip of water above my head. Suddenly the silence was shattered by a loud shriek! What was that?

How does your story begin?
One day I was with my friends on  a bush walk. Then I saw a cave so we decided to go check it out. It was dark , gloomy , damp cave. Everything was silent apart from the slow drip of water above my head.Suddenly the silence was shattered by a loud shriek!

Setting - Where and when does the story take place?
In a dark cave.

Characters: Who are the characters in your story? Describe what they look like? What they sounds like?
There are four characters in my story -
Myself - Medium black hair , short and has a very quiet voice but very humble.
My Friend ( Paige ) Medium brown hair , short and is very smart.
The Monster ( Peter ) Bad , Wears black long jacket everywhere and very naughty.
Dog ( Boo ) Breed - Husky & Bulldog , very strong clever.

How do they manage to get back home from the cave?
It took them 48 hours to get out of the cave. Their dog boo has a great nose so he could get them out of the cold and dark cave. They had enough food for them to eat while they were in the cave. They both got locked up in a cage by Peter. So they quickly came up with a plan and got out of there. Their dog showed the way out.

Conclusion: How does your story end?
Paige and myself got out of there and went straight home. They learnt to always have parents supervising them instead of going out without parents. They lived happily ever after!

Start writing your story in full sentences here:
On one hot sunny day Paige and I went on a walk to Mangere mountains. It was the perfect day and time  to do it. When we were on the mountains walking up to the top we saw a dark , scary cave. We thought it  would be so  cool so we decided to go and check it out. It was cold , dark , gloomy and damp . It was very , very silent.  Suddenly we heard a loud shriek! Me and Paige started freaking out!

Oooo No! Huge rocks started falling down from the  top of the cave. Paige and I quickly took cover underneath a massive  rock. “ I am super scared I want to go home “ said Paige.  I replied and said “ it is going to be okay we will find a way out of here” Out of nowhere we heard a spooky voice. “ Come here right now , I am going to lock yous up in a dark and secret cave! “ We had no idea who that was so it took us!

“ Paige , Paige ,PAIGE! Where are you? “ I said. I was freaking out ,  I hope I didn’t lose Paige because she is my best friend. “ Leilani , come on I am right here “ said Paige.” Phew I thought you died or I lost you or whatever else! “. It was finally time for Leilani and Paige to get out of the dark , cold cage before the scary monster came back. Suddenly they  heard pawsteps. They  both thought it was the scary monster so they cuddled up together.  But it was their dog Boo. He was trained to help us out he is so cute!. Paige and Leilani  told him to get the keys so that we could get out of the cage. So he did. He is so clever. Phew Leilani and Paige got out of the cage before the monster came back! So they  tiptoed to the rocks that had fallen down for the top if the cave. They  said  that we should  push the huge rocks out of the way. “ PUSH , PUSH ugh I give up this is way too heavy! ” Man I was running out of breath while Paige was sitting there eating some yummy sandwiches.

( 2 hours later ) I was huffing and puffing lots of times because I did all of the work just to get the rock out of our way so that we could go back home and to get out of the cave. We grabbed our stuff and ran to our home. “ We are never , never , ever going back there again” I said. Maybe if we go back in there I think Paige needs to help me out more because she did nothing! Then we lived happily ever after!
Task description - Room 8 is doing a free writing all about the cave. We had to write the story based off this image link. Here is my version. I made it into a scary , spooky story. I tried my best at writing the paragraphs. Of course before I write my story I have to plan. Because planning makes your writing more organised. I don't normally follow my plan because I change it up a bit. God bless you an your family , stay safe and see ya later!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Leilano - Kiwi Kids - Tonga Vs New Zealand! Writing!

Kiwi Kids - Tonga Vs New Zealand

Start Writing Here -

Wow Tonga won the game which was Tonga Vs New Zealand. My family and I knew it would be a very close game and it was.

For the first half New Zealand was doing amazing the score was 16 - 2. So New Zealand was doing just great. They had a good start.

Then all of a sudden Tonga came! Tonga was doing amazing! The score was 28 - 22.  Tonga went threw all of the New Zealander players.

Task description - Today I finish all of my work but I had one more task to do. We just needed to pick an article from Kiwi Kids.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Leilani - The Perfect Goal By Vanessa Barker! Reading!

Walt: to be able to find important information in the readings
Walt: to identify what percussion instruments are 

The Perfect Goal
By Vanessa Barker

I’m flying through the air, high above the city. I’m the world famous Jackson Davis, Captain Unreal’s trusty sidekick, and below us the cheers of the crowd are deafening. We go in for a landing, and people are patting me on the back, congratulating me for helping save the world. They chant my name over and over. “Jackson! Jackson! Jackson” Captain Unreal clears his throat loudly. “Jackson Davis, hand me that comic book. NOW.”

“Huh?” I snap out of it, confused. Then i remember that I’m not actually  captain Unreal’s sidekick. I'm Jackson Davis and I'm in Year 7 at Glenvale Intermediate School. Right now, my teacher,  Mr Hoeata,  is standing above me with his arms crossed. He drops my English assignment on my desk and holds out his hand. I slowly handover the comic book. “ You can have this back at the end of the day,” Mr Hoeata says sternly and moves on to the next desk. Ugh. Compared to comic books, real life is so boring.

I lift my assignment up to my face. Written at the top in red letters is “See me”. I groan. You see, Other than comic books, I'm totally obsessed with soccer. I'm trying out for the team at the end of the school term and practice at lunch everyday. That’s why I wrote my assignment about scoring the perfect goal.  it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have a feeling Mr Hoeata doesn't like soccer very much.

At lunch, I try not to worry about seeing Mr Hoeata at the end of the day. I’m playing soccer with some friends and I've got the ball. I dribble up the side of the field, and people fall over left and right as I zip past. The goal is only metres away. I kick the ball with one smooth movement. It flies over everyone's heads as if in slow motion - up and up, higher and higher, I feel my excitement building. Have I finally scored the perfect goal?

I stare at the ball with my mouth open as it flies over the goal... and straight into a crowd of people. That’s when the crying starts. I was going to be famous, that's for sure. Because I, Jackson Davis, will now forever be known as the kid who broke Kayla Hoeata’s nose at  lunch with a soccer ball.

The Perfect Goal

  1. What is the name of the superhero in the comic book Jackson is reading? Captain unreal trusty sidekick.

  2. Where does Jackson go to school? Jackson school is called  Glenvale intermediate school.

  3. When are the soccer tryouts? At the end of the school term.

  4. What was Jackson's assignment about? His English assignment.

  5. Why did Mr Hoeata make Jackson give him the comic book? Because Mr Hoeata didn’t like the comic book and Jackson was making up story.

  6. Why might Jackson think real life is boring compared to comic books?  Because when you are reading a comic book it is very interesting to read about. Also what he is doing at school which is probably very boring he just thought that comic books were much more funner than real life.

  7. Why does Jackson practice soccer at lunch everyday? Jackson practice soccer everyday because he really want’s to get into the soccer team. Because practice , practice and practice makes you become a expert. He would also get very fit and healthy that is also another reason that he could be practicing every lunch time.

  1. Why did Jackson think he was going to be famous for breaking Kayla’s nose? Because instead of being famous for getting the best goal. He would be famous for breaking Kayla's nose. This here is kinda a joke. Also he would become famous because everyone was there to see him do that.

  2. Why might Jackson be worried that he is going to get a bad mark for his assignment? Because he didn’t study instead he read his comic books. He also didn’t listen to the teacher which means he is not respectful.

  3. Do you think Jackson will get in trouble for breaking Kayla’s nose? Why? I think Jackson will get in trouble because he wasn’t being careful and he thought he was the master. He needs to be more himself and not to be someone that they are not to be.

Leilani - Blog Post: Quality Blog Comment Film Festival.

  Screenshot 2017-11-08 at 2.45.06 PM.png
Title - Taste Test! By - Room 4 Pes!

Talofa Lava Room 4 ,
You Manaiakalani film festival movie is very funny. I like how the camera zooms up to the person. But my favourite part of this movie is when Rosaleena says it like her mum cooking or cookies. Where did you get that gross chicken? , is it real?
From - Leilani

My comment is a quality comment because I have started with a nice greeting. I am also added what my favourite part is. When leaving a comment you need to add a question so that your comment is fun.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Leilani - Percussion Time Line!

Walt: to be able to find important information in the readings
Walt: to identify what percussion instruments are

Leilani - Percussion Instruments - Cymbals!

Walt: to be able to find important information in the readings
Walt: to identify what percussion instruments are
Task description - Today Room 8 is learning about what percussion instruments are. Our task was to write about three of the percussion instruments that were on the list. Here is the last instrument I chose to write about. Which is the Cymbals. If you would like to learn about more instruments and more  facts click the link. God bless you and your family , stay safe and see ya later!