Thursday, 16 August 2018

Leilani - Picking up rubbish recount!.

Walt: Structure a recount
These days rubbish is really affecting our earth! So we decided to tidy up our school field and our Pt England Reserve , cleaning it up made our place much  more cleaner! Have you ever picked up rubbish to keep your community clean?

Earlier before we lined up we got told that we were going on a mysterious walk down to our school reserve , to pick up  rubbish!. To get to our destination we lined up silently and walked out of our school gates in the very cold , soaking grass weather. After a couple of stops , walking and talking we finally arrived at our Pt England reserve. I was feeling really cold , yet I knew that this was going to be a great cause for our community. We all gathered in five groups of five , straight after that we all got handed a rubbish bag each! I thought okay we are just picking up rubbish , but why did we get into groups of five? Two seconds later we got told that it was going to be a competition , as for the team that wins they will get ten minutes of cool maths game!

As soon as Mr Goodwin said “ Go “ Levonah sprinted off like a cheetah to find all kinds of rubbish! Lucky our Pt England Reserve was beautiful and clean , but yet Pt England School wasn’t so clean and we were letting our community down. So next we headed  to zone three ( our bottom field ) everyone knew that there were always rubbish all along the fence so most people went there! But not Marika! , since she is always at the bottom field playing by the stumps she definitely knew that there were a bunch of rubbish everywhere just hiding in the gaps! We kept moving onto other locations in the school like our top field. Levonah and Marika were always coming in  with a bunch of rubbish in their hands , but yet Eden had two pairs of shoes in both hands instead of rubbish! Walking around seeing so many birds and us picking up rubbish made me feel good because birds are eating rubbish but since we are picking it all up only the birds would eat the right food.

Once we finished picking up rubbish in our school and reserve ,  Mr Goodwin called the class to line up in their lines in-front of the library door. Haare checked each teams rubbish bags to see who would win the competition. In Hopes team they had a huge bark sitting at the bottom so they were disqualified , and as for my team Eden nearly put a pair of sandals into our rubbish bag. We were all  laughing a lot at Eden! I was feeling really nervous about who was going to win , Haare finally announced the winner but we didn’t win at all. Picking up rubbish wouldn’t be something I would have imagined as for  doing something fun , but I knew that this was for a very good cause.

Picking up rubbish I thought would’ve been so lame , but instead it wasn’t. I really realized that when your enjoying yourself while picking up rubbish just made the whole occasion much funnier and better. I would recommend picking up rubbish wherever you are , or just as doing it as a act of kindness to mother nature!

Task Description:
For this task we went out to pick up rubbish. Once we've done picking the rubbish up we wrote a great recount about our experience. We checked each paragraph and found our mistakes. I've learnt how not to be lazy when I write and how to write in a better language.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Leilani = My Character ( Kookie )

Task Description:
For this task we had to create a character and write about our character. My character is called " Kookie ". Kookie is a very talented ice-cream/ice-block!. My character is very cute , hope you enjoy!.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Leilani - Whoah That's Fast!

Walt: Solve problems with multiple elements.

Task Description:
As for this post this is all about math once again with measuring , time and speed. This here is a gold presentation for people who had finish both bronze and silver. I've learnt how to read the text problem before moving into the working. Another thing I've learnt in this problem is too figure out these problem good.

Leilani - How Fast Is That?.

Walt: Solve problems with multiple elements.

Task Description:
For this task we got to do a math presentation about speed , time and measurement. There are three different slides , each slide has a different problem. This presentation is for people who have finish the bronze activity and moves onto the sliver medal problem. I've learnt how to understand each question and to read the question before moving onto the working and making sure I understand the text.

Leilani - Compare & Contrast - Rugby And Netball!

Walt: Look for the hidden meaning in the text.

Task Description:
For this task we had to compare and contrast netball and rugby. We had to get facts about rugby and netball that aren't the same , then in the middle you had to write what are the similarity between both sports. I've learnt many differences and same things between rugby and netball. 

Monday, 6 August 2018

Leilani - A Healthy Week!

Walt: Look for the hidden meaning in the text.

Task Description:
For this task we got a timetable and in that time table we had to write about what an average kid my age should do or can do to have a healthy and successful week. Once we've written out what an average kid should do in a week to be healthy we had to also in-clued how long each vigorous activity would take , next we calculated how long all activities would be in a week. Everyday your supposed too be doing at lest one hour of fitness and day to keep healthy. My total of hours and minutes were 8 hours and 20 minutes. Obviously  theses are all made up vigorous activities so ya. Enjoy!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Leilani - Comic Writing!

Walt: Think about dialogue between characters
Task Description:
For this task we wrote in the thinking bubbles about what each marvel or dc character is thinking about. We got given 3 pictures of photos of each person. After we finish writing in the thinking bubbles we watch a short story and wrote about what the video. We had to include what the said clearly!.