Thursday, 28 June 2018

Leilani - Chicago Creative Writing!.

Chicago Creative Writing!.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chief insisted Mr Goodwin to order a hot chilli sauce pizza with another mysterious pizza that comes with it for free!. Once Mr Goodwin heard hot chilli sauce coming out of the chief mouth his  jaw dropped wide open , then once he heard free pizzas he said as fast as a tiger can run “ Yes , I will order that! “. “ Great “ replied the chief and off he went to his kitchen to create the deep dish pizzas. After chopping , screaming , smelling , cooking and preparing the deep dish pizzas it was finally time to serve the pizzas to Mr Goodwin. They slowly placed the pizzas on the table. Keep reading to find out how emmbarsed Mr Goodwin gets.

As they slowly placed the two pizzas Mr Goodwin got himself ready to eat. He picked up one slice but then he took one massive bite out of his pizza , then it went silent. “ AHHH “ as loud as a little girl screaming for her brother to give her barbie dolls back Mr Goodwin went screaming and screaming for milk!. But he knew that he needed to continue to eat the pizzas or else. Off Mr Goodwin went to continue eating his pizzas. After a very hot while Mr Goodwin was finally finish with his FIRST pizza. “ I can’t do this! “ said Mr Goodwin while he was drinking a whole bottle of milk because how hot the first pizza was , “ no! “ said the chief. Mr Goodwin replied “ okay then “ so then he took one slice of the mysterious pizza. Inside of the deep dish pizza was all sorts of junk food like chips , chocolate , M&M , twisters , peanut butter cups all served in the pizza. This was a child's dream pizza not Mr Goodwin’s dream pizza! , that’s for sure!. But he took the challenge.

After eating both pizzas Mr Goodwin was bloated. Storming in like a grumpy smurf came Mr Burt. “ What are you currently doing in here! “ said Mr Burt in an angry tone. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea Mr Goodwin thought to himself. Mr Goodwin stood up , “ look at yourself , your all dirty! “ said Mr Burt he also added on “ we have a conference soon so you better get yourself ready! “. At that point Mr Goodwin knew he had missed up. But Mr Burt forgave him ( like when doesn't Mr Burt forgive anyone he is so kind! ). After a long time later Mr Goodwin was ready for his conference but he had too suck his tummy in so that he can button up his shirt ( hopefully the buttons don’t pop off while he is in his conference). A long time later all three teachers were finish in their conference. Mr Goodwin said “ i’m never , ever going back to that pizza place ever again! “ , “ good “ replied Mr Burt. So then they continued to have a fun time in Chicago. The End.

Task Description:
For this task we got to write about Chicago but a made up story. But this is a made up story , we had to pick a story starter and then wrote the rest of the story. I've learn't to be creative

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Leilani - Chicago - Re-search!.

Walt: Write using descriptive language.

Task Description:
Since a couple of our teachers were leaving to go to Chicago I thought to do a re-search about it.
I've found out many facts but some I haven't added into this presentation. I've learnt many facts about Chicago.

Leilani - Tour Chicago!.

Walt: Use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description:
For this task we are getting to tour around Chicago. I've stopped at many spots and than explain why I thought it was interesting and than I needed to describe where I've stopped.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Leilani - How Much Did He Spend? - 2!.

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:
For this task we are seeing how much money Mr Goodwin would spend on his food or anything else in Chicago but in NZD money. We had to times how he spend in Chicago by 1.5. I've learnt how to figure out hard problems all by myself. I also learn't that these were very hard to figure out.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Leilani - Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!.

Walt: Use information from across multiple sources.

Task Description:
For this task we are learning about Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Since Mr Goodwin is in Chicago he set some work, here is one. So we got to re-search about the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. I've learnt about the Chicago Deep Dish pizza and also how to leave the link to images that aren't mine.

Leilani - How Much Did He Spend?

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:
For this task we are seeing how much is the amount of money that Mr Goodwin spends in Chicago so that we can convert the amount to NZD. We just had to times it by 1.5.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Leilani - It Is To Big? - Perimeter With Decimals!.

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:
For this task we got to calculate the perimeter but with decimals. I really like how I do a decimal place value so I did us that to figure out all of the problems. As you can see that this presentation is like the other but that one doesn't have decimals. Once you'd had finish doing the sliver problem than you must of moved onto the gold problem. Which is what I did. I'd learnt how to solve problems with decimals. It was very easy.

Leilani - Mario Writing

Walt: Use information from across multiple sources.

Mario Writing

Write Here:

Have you ever heard of Jumpman?. Well if you haven’t than let me tell you a story about Jumpman. Jumpman was first released in September 13 1985 in Japan. Well Jumpman was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Shigeru Miyamoto and a couple of others thought that Jumpman wouldn’t be such a good name. But while they were thinking of a name their Landlord Mario Segale interrupted them and they decide to name Jumpman to Mario. Than Mario got more famous every day , every second every year!. So that is how Mario was born!

Mario back in the past was very different it was kinda created with 8 bit art which is a website where you can created a Mario drawing with a block app. But than once Mario kept on going on and on with the years and games the character change. Instead of an 8 bit art version than it turned into a real character.


Task Description:

For this task we got to create our best drawn Mario on 8 bit art. Once we had completed that we got to create a paragraph about who is Mario. Well we didn't get the information off the bat we had been learning about Mario and many other games for one whole week. So we knew many facts about how Mario became Mario. So since we knew so many facts than we wrote about it. Here it is.


Leilani - Is It To Big - Perimeter!.

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:
For this task we are learning about perimeter and if the sandwich is small or big for it's bag. As you can see we did use teachers as examples. I've learnt how to calculate the perimeter of an item like the sandwiches.

Leilani - Moto X3 ( Winter )

Walt: Identify the main points in the text

Task Description:
For this task once again we got to do another reviewing a game. This time I did Moto X3 but Winter version. Here  i explain the game and I sent a link so that you's can all play Moto X3.

Leilani - Reviewing Block The Pig!

Walt: Identify the main points in the text

Task Description:
For this task we got to play an very cool game on cool math's games. My game that I choose was Block The Pig. Than once we finish playing the game we got to do a review of the game.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Leilani - 40 Hour Famine!

Walt: To explain your experience for the 40 hour famine.

Task Description:
Well as you can see by the presentation this blog is about my first experience about the 40 hour famine. 
A very long time ago was the 40 hour famine but you know me I have to take a very long time to post something very exciting. For this presentation I diecied to write about what the 40 hour famine was , what the 40 hour famine sleepover is , some of the highlights and also a couple of picture's from the night. I hope you enjoy please leave a positive comment and also some tips that can make this presentation better!.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Leilani - Wii Console!.

Walt: Identify the main points in the text

Task Description:
For this week we are learning about video game consoles. You got to pick any gaming console that you want and you must write some facts about that video game console. I choose the Wii console and here I have many facts. Also I have a photo of the Wii console and an image attribution because it isn't my photo. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Leilani - Matariki Day!

Walt: To structure a recount.


Image result for matariki

Have you ever celebrated Matariki?. Well on the 8th of June this is what Pt England School did  to celebrate Matariki, they splitted up into different groups and participated in different activities like cooking , movie making , sports and craft. Keep reading on to find out what else happened on Matariki day for the students at Pt England School.

Early in the morning Pt England School got sent to their special Matariki groups!. Once Miss Parrant ( My home teacher ) announced what group I was in, I was so excited that I sprinted with excitement  to Mr Goodwin classroom with Sonnia. When I arrived at my Matariki group it took awhile for the other students from other classes to come to Mr Goodwin classroom to start doing activities, there were year 1’s , some year 5’s & 6 and a couple of year 7’s in Mr Goodwin Matariki group. Once we had completed the role we found out what we were doing , our group was cooking and our teachers were Mr Goodwin and Mrs Timmi ( the best bakers/cookers in the school ). When Mr Goodwin told us what our group was he told us what we were going to do , he simply said  that we were going to create some delicious “ Kumara Roasties “ , some recipe books for our whanui and when you are with Mrs Timmi you get to ice and decorate some tasty cookies that she pre-made before school had started!. ( Doesn't all of those delicious treats and kai sound amazing! ).

First of all we needed to read out the recipe so that we can start cooking our Kumara Roasties!. Than some students go chosen to the grate the delicious Kumara and Potatoes in a large bowl , while they were doing that job for Mr Goodwin the other students go to create recipe books for them to cook at home for their whanui. Many students went in and out to wash their hands to start cooking the Kumara Roasties and decorate some delightful cookies with icing and star shaped chocolate for toppings!. After a joyful morning tea we started to cook the Kumara Roasties on a mini bbq!. It was super cool because we squished and compressed the Kumara and Potatoes mixture in between our bare hands , than we cook the Kumara Roasties.! And the other’s did activites and decorate some tasty cookies with Mr Timmi!.

Ahhh , after all that squishing and compressing it was finally time to eat our scrumptious Kumara Roasties and our decorated cookies!. Before I took a bite of the delicious Kumara Roasties I top it with some sweet chili sauce and than I took one massive bite and it melted in my mouth , it had a weird texture because the Kumara Roasties the way it was grated it just felt weird. But I didn’t eat my cookie ,  a couple minutes later we gave the classroom a good clean up because it was a disaster it looked like a jungle with all sorts of animals in it, so than we clean it all up!. “ Stop Look And Listen “ yelled Mr Goodwin he announced to us that we had another assembly , finally we all silently sat down in the correct spot. Most of the students show their creation that they made for Matariki and a couple of students got to explain what they created on Matariki day.

Matariki was such a exceptional day for may students , i’ve learnt how to cook and work with other ages. My highlight for Matariki day was getting to eat the Kumara Roasties and Decorating Cookies. Thank you to all teachers for organizing this amazing day. Thanks for reading!.


Task Description:

For this task we got to write about Matariki day. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Leilani - Wanted Poster! ( Look Out! ).

Walt:  Write from a certain perspective.

Task Description:
This here is another activity. But it is a fun activity. You probable know that the wolf in the three little pigs are bad. But if you read the three little pigs with a twist than you know that their wolf isn't bad at all. This is about the Mr Bad Wolfe that ate two little pigs all in once. If you find the wolf there is a reward $1,000 and a Trip to New York!. ( Remember This Is Pretend!. ).

Leilani - Compare And Contrast!

Walt: Write from a certain perspective.

Task Description:
For this task we are doing the compare and contrast activity. One circle there is the original version and on the other circle there is a twist version. In the middle there is the same so that we can write some facts that are the same for the original version and twist version.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Leilani - Little Red Riding Hood But With A Twist!.

Little Red Riding Hood With A Twist!.

My Story:

Once upon a time there was a little bad girl named Big Red Little Hood ( well that’s her nickname ).  Big Red Little Hood was never home before her curfew which her mother and father hated. When Big Red Little Hood was born her mother and father keep a huge secret from her. The secret was that there was a nearby forest that no one dared to walk in  or even take one step in the forest. The reason why was because the forest had many bad witches & ghost that can poison you.

Big Red Little Hood was wondering around her house and she saw the huge dangerous forest that’s full of bad witches and many ghost. She took one step in a she instantly got poison from a bad witch. “ Godley , godley turn you into a huge fail and make you bad until 12:00 pm “ , “ no one can stop this spell if it doesn't get stopped before  12:00 pm than the spell will last forever “ said the bad witch. Big Red Little Hood came out of the forest and her mother called “ Big Red Little Hood where could you possibly be? “.

Big Red Little Hood entered her home and she saw her mother baking a cake. Big Red Little Hood was wondering who the cake could be for so she asked her mother who it was for ,  “ mother , who is the cake for? “, “ it’s for your grandpa he is sick so I thought I could make a get well cake for him! “ replied her mother while she was mixing the batter in a large bowl. “ May I help? “ said Big Red Little Hood. Big Red Little Hood mother said yes and Big Red Little Hood took a green miniature bottle out of her pocket that was full of potion inside . Big Red Little Hood added a couple of drops of the potion inside the batter and than put the green miniature bottle back into her pocket before before her mother comes back from checking the baby. They waited a couple of minutes for the cake  to be finished in the oven baking so that they could all take it to their grandpa’s house. Big Red Little Hood mother felt not as good maybe she had a stomach ache so Big Red Little Hood asked if she could take the get well cake to her grandpa’s house. “ Yes! “ replied Big Red Little Hood’s mother. So off went Big Red Little Hood to her grandpa’s house to deliver the get well cake.

Skipping around the forest Big Red Little Hood was thinking about her wonderful plan. “ Hahahaha , my first person to change is going to be amazing! “ , “ I’m sure that my witch mother would be very very impressed! “ said Big Red Little Hood. Finally Big Red Little Hood came to her destination which was her grandpa’s house.  “ Grandpa i’m here! “ said Big Red Little Hood “ Come in my dear! “ replied Big Red Little Hood grandpa. Big Red Little Hood walked inside her grandpa’s house and gave him the cake. It was late at night so Big Red Little Hood turned on the lights so that her grandpa can see what the cake looks like. “ It looks beautiful “ said Big Red Little Hood grandpa , “ you and your mother must have worked very hard “. Big Red Little Hood looked very happy while her grandpa took one bit of the cake. After they had a couple pieces of the cake grandpa forced to have a nap so he covered his face with the blanket. Grandpa woke up from his sleep and Big Red Little Hood stood there.

Suddenly grandpa woke up. Big Red Little Hood looked at grandpa“ Grandpa you have such huge furry ears! “, “ what do you mean my dear? “ replied grandpa. “ Grandpa you have enormous and frightening  eyes “ said Big Red Little Hood , “ You have such sharp and nerve - racking teeth “. “ What do you mean my dear! “ replied grandpa in a very concerned voice.
Grandpa stood up at saw himself in the mirror. “ AHHHHHH! “ Grandpa couldn’t believe what he saw!. Out of nowhere a witch that had lovely hair and a very elegant broom flew into grandpa’s room. “ There you are! “ said the witch. “ O i’m sorry  , my name is Charlotte and as you can see i’m a witch. Well not a bad one from that forest , i’m actually a good witch and Big Red Little Hood has been in that forest and got poisoned by a bad witch. Now I need to stop the spell “ said Charlotte while grandpa was freaking out. “ Stop this spell and turn Big Red Little Hood back to normal and grandpa back to a human being , boom , boom , boom “ yelled Charlotte. Then everything went back to normal Big Red Little Hood was back to her normal self and Big Red Little Hood grandpa was back to normal and Big Red Little Hood knew not to go into that forest ever again. So Big Red Little Hood lived happily ever after.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Leilani - Area Design!

Walt:  Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:
For this task we are doing area design. Instead of doing perimeter design we did area design.
I've learnt how to design and make figure out my own measurements.