Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The egg and spoon race

In the morning we went outside. The watcher was a little bit cold and a little bit worm at the same time  we went to play egg and spoon I was feeling excited when we were playing it was Blakey play it when he was little.

Room 14 was split in two group of 7.  so that means there are 3 people in each groups .When we were racing we needing to balance I was nervous and I was confident . We had one  spoon each and a ball we pretended that the ball was a egg.  some of the boys and girls was holding the ball with two hands.  but yours supposed to put one hand behind your back and the other hand holds the spoon.  at the end I think that all of us win. We had to walk slowly.

I like the game but I recommend a real egg. I think people should take there time because you don't have to win all the time. I would do that  again because it will make me know how to practise better with a real eggs.

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