Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Art Gallery In Our School Hall

The Art Gallery is in Point England school hall.Inside the hall Mr Jacobson had set up all of our artwork and put it onto the wall on one class made a snow house and sun house and lots more .When we went inside it was dark but not to dark when you go in  there was a  nice song playing and everyone was looking around when everyone finished we shared our favourite parts.

My favourite part was the sun house and the snow house.I like it because inside there was a wall that they paint they  painted  a montine picture and it had lots of glitter.

When i heard that you can show your pranites your art work i really was excited but they didn’t come but it was all right.I also hope that people like my one and i was really happy that Mr Jacobson put my one on the wall.


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  1. I like how this photo is taken of yous guys. The part that i like in this photo is the people and you showing kindness keep the kindness up Leilani.