Tuesday, 14 March 2017

To:Mr Kenzie From: Leilani petition

                                                                                          Mr McKenzie
                                                                                          Plastic Bag Road
                                                                                          New Zealand


New Zealand

TODAY’S DATE 7th of march 2017

Dear Mr McKenzie,

Kia ora Mr Kenzie my name is Leilani and my teacher Miss parrant apparently nose you.Mr Kenzie me and my class read your plastic bag petition and when I was reading your petition I thought straight it was great.You have a great point about plastic bags and I totally agree with you. When I first did some learning about plastic bags I felt so upset because on a normal life style me and my family use tons of plastic bags.Then like two days after I learnt about plastic bags I told my mum and dad,for my mum thoughts she was like no way and my dad was like with me. I really really want to ban plastic bags because it killing the animals also  about 10 million plastic bags are dumped into our ocean and there’s animals in the water that might think plastic bags are food and they eat it or get stuck in it.My favourite or one of my favorite  lines in your petition is when you said “ by banning plastic in New Zealand we will be setting a global standard and example for the rest of this planet while saving it”.Why that’s one of my  favourite lines it’s because we can set an example for the rest of the world and we can make our world clean and beautiful like before.We can use reusable bags and if you don’t know what reuseable bags are it’s bags made out of cotton or like um I can’t really explain it ahhh it like clothing metral I guess.Hey Mr McKenzie I reckon we can make the world beautiful again and we can stop pollution.


Pt england school
Team 4 room 8  

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