Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What I have learnt this year?

What I have learnt this term 1?

This year I have learnt many things like teta o tamaki,Native birds,Native tree,pests and predators and Pollution.This is very cool that we have learnt.Me and my literacy group and three reading as well as three activities.

My favourite thing that I have learnt in maths is?

This term one of my most favourite thing to do in math is when we first start so all we have to do is xtramath and math whizz those are one of my favourite things.The second thing which is the last thing I like to do is learning new math activities like my,Decimals,Time tables, Plus,Take aways,time and seasons.

Free time?

When it is free time in team 4 Mr Goodwin said it other our lunch time and morning tee time.But today which is the 12/4/2017 our teachers let us go on cool math games and we had so much fun.I think the last time we played cool math games was last year with matoa willis I think that’s how you spell his name and he was so cool.

My highlights this term?

I have three highlights this term.My first and favourite highlight was when we went off to camp it was super fun and if you haven’t check out my camp writing thing click the photo from our camp.

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