Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Christina and the three dogs

Once upon a time in the morning lived three amazing dogs,they lived in a beautiful house that was on the beach.One day the youngest dog suggested to go and get some sweet blue berries so they went to get some.Then a few minutes later Christina was exploring the beach and she could hear the waves as well as the birds chirping.Then Christina saw the three dogs house and the door was open! So Christina went inside.Then once Christina got inside she smelled some delicious hot dogs! So she followed the yummy smell.Then she found all of the hot dogs.First she tasted the one with no topping and “she said no way this is so plain I need some tomato sauce’’.Then she tasted the next hot dog with mustard sauce and tomato sauce and she said no way this has to much flavour.Once she had finish tasting the second one she saw one more hot dog and it had tomato sauce so she taste it and she said yummy it is so good so she ate the whole hot dog!Once she had finished eating her hot dog she was so full she wanted to sit down and watch some television so she went to go and find the sitting room.Once she got in the sitting  room she found three chairs,first she sat on one of the chairs and she said it was too hard and uncomfortable so she sat on the next set chair then she said no way! This is too squaishy so she tired the next chair,and she said this is just perfect so she sat down on it and watched some tv.While the three dogs were getting some blue berries Christina was getting tired so she went into there bedroom and tired the first bed,she said that it was too cold,then she tired the second bed and she said that it was too squishy.Then she tired the last bed and she said it was perfect so she went straight to sleep.Later  the three dogs came back home and they said why is our door open?Then they went into their  kitchen to go and have their hot dogs but when they saw the hot dogs they were half eaten and they were so sad they said all together who ate my hot dog?Then they went into the sting room and they said why is this so messy!.Later on they went into their bedroom.They saw that Christina was sleeping in the youngest dogs bed!so they screamed and they woke Christina up and she said “sorry I am really sorry and she ran outside and she went home.They lived happily ever after.

Walt: to be able to write a using creative language
Walt: to be able to use an existing story and put our own spin on it  

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