Friday, 23 February 2018

My experience of taking care of a Eggalicious!

This is my experience of taking care of my friend Eggalicious. Today each person got to take care of a egg each! , we had to be very responsible and very careful so that we don’t drop or kill our eggs.
Have you ever had a little friendly egg before?

Looking at the eggs I thought we might had to make scrambled eggs , but we didn’t!. Instead we got to  create our own little egg friend. Mr Goodwin handed out 3 cartons of eggs , and a few markers so that we could draw a face on our egg . Mr Goodwin gave us a great eggsample by showing us how to create our friendly eggs  face , before we could go off and  create our own egg. My egg face was very crazy because it had some wicked eyes and a sticking out tongue. I can’t just have an egg without a name! , so I decided that since my egg was a girl and she is like fabulous I would named her Eggalicious

Yay ,  we had all finish drawing faces on our eggs. So once we had finish drawing our eggs face and naming them we got the opportunity to spend time with our eggs. We cradled our friendly eggies to the playground. Why did we go to the playground?. Our classroom line was litraley spread EVERYWHERE! Like some people were showing off their eggs , another group of people talked about their eggs and then there was  another group of the class that was just too good to do that and they lined up probloy. I felt very responsible because I was taking care of my eggie and the feeling is amazing.

Where here Eggalicious!. Before I could show my egg a tour around the playground  , we all got to take a photo with our  eggs in groups of 5 , I whispered to my egg “ say cheese! “. Now we’ve  done drawing a face , we finish walking to the park now it is time to give my egg a tour of the playground. I felt super scared because I didn’t want to be that person that broke their egg. I climb up the rock climbing wall ( which  was like the SCARIEST! ) , then the last one that I climb was just a latter because NO WAY I would jump down on the floor and have a huge chance of cracking my eggs! When I was  showing my egg around the park there was four died on the floor cracked egg’s like underneath MONKEY BARS , I think that the eggs owner tired to do the monkey bars but just failed anyways.

Overall I think that this experience of taking care of eggs each was very fun because I felt SUPER responsible and I have never got to have a egg friend. I really recommend doing this with your classroom or anyone that you know

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