Friday, 16 March 2018

Leilani - Thank You Letter ( Mrs Moala )

Walt: To make a thank you letter.


Room 7

Pt England School

12 March, 2018

Dear Mrs Moala

Thank you Mrs Moala for taking time off from spending time with your family to be at the year 5&6 camp helping the Green Machine. Without you being their at the year 5&6 camp we wouldn’t of been successful at the dance and team activities. You are a very funny teacher. When we were practicing our dance I liked how you were pushing us to be the best at our dance.

One of my favourite highlights were the camp concert on Thursday night. Because even though the song wasn’t what everyone enjoyed I still thought that dance and song really made our team stand out. Also it was really funny , entertaining and it was a great night. After the groups were finish performing Miss Haare played some fun games , my favourite was the toilet paper because Mr Goodwin mum faces was raped in toilet paper!. It look really funny but also hard to breath.

My second favourite highlight is mostly everyone highlight which is Kayaking!. Why? , it because Kayaking is fun and I just have no clue how to explain why it is my second favourite highlight but it was still fun. I love kayaking because I got to watch people fall out of their kayak at it was super funny!. Kayaking is probably my favourite highlight for camp.

Once again thank you so much for being at the year 5&6 camp. You were very important to all of the Green Machines because you helped us do the dance and you made us be the best!. You also were very important to us because you were supporting us throw all of our team activities and you were very helpful to all. You are a amazing person to every single person because you helped us and you made us the best out of the rest.

Yours Sincerely



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