Thursday, 28 June 2018

Leilani - Chicago Creative Writing!.

Chicago Creative Writing!.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chief insisted Mr Goodwin to order a hot chilli sauce pizza with another mysterious pizza that comes with it for free!. Once Mr Goodwin heard hot chilli sauce coming out of the chief mouth his  jaw dropped wide open , then once he heard free pizzas he said as fast as a tiger can run “ Yes , I will order that! “. “ Great “ replied the chief and off he went to his kitchen to create the deep dish pizzas. After chopping , screaming , smelling , cooking and preparing the deep dish pizzas it was finally time to serve the pizzas to Mr Goodwin. They slowly placed the pizzas on the table. Keep reading to find out how emmbarsed Mr Goodwin gets.

As they slowly placed the two pizzas Mr Goodwin got himself ready to eat. He picked up one slice but then he took one massive bite out of his pizza , then it went silent. “ AHHH “ as loud as a little girl screaming for her brother to give her barbie dolls back Mr Goodwin went screaming and screaming for milk!. But he knew that he needed to continue to eat the pizzas or else. Off Mr Goodwin went to continue eating his pizzas. After a very hot while Mr Goodwin was finally finish with his FIRST pizza. “ I can’t do this! “ said Mr Goodwin while he was drinking a whole bottle of milk because how hot the first pizza was , “ no! “ said the chief. Mr Goodwin replied “ okay then “ so then he took one slice of the mysterious pizza. Inside of the deep dish pizza was all sorts of junk food like chips , chocolate , M&M , twisters , peanut butter cups all served in the pizza. This was a child's dream pizza not Mr Goodwin’s dream pizza! , that’s for sure!. But he took the challenge.

After eating both pizzas Mr Goodwin was bloated. Storming in like a grumpy smurf came Mr Burt. “ What are you currently doing in here! “ said Mr Burt in an angry tone. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea Mr Goodwin thought to himself. Mr Goodwin stood up , “ look at yourself , your all dirty! “ said Mr Burt he also added on “ we have a conference soon so you better get yourself ready! “. At that point Mr Goodwin knew he had missed up. But Mr Burt forgave him ( like when doesn't Mr Burt forgive anyone he is so kind! ). After a long time later Mr Goodwin was ready for his conference but he had too suck his tummy in so that he can button up his shirt ( hopefully the buttons don’t pop off while he is in his conference). A long time later all three teachers were finish in their conference. Mr Goodwin said “ i’m never , ever going back to that pizza place ever again! “ , “ good “ replied Mr Burt. So then they continued to have a fun time in Chicago. The End.

Task Description:
For this task we got to write about Chicago but a made up story. But this is a made up story , we had to pick a story starter and then wrote the rest of the story. I've learn't to be creative

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