Monday, 12 September 2016

My Fun Hoilday

In my weekend on Saturday  I cleaned up the bathroom and my room because it was a messy.When my dad got home from work he made me two hot dogs and my sister made her a Omelette.At 4:30 my dad went to get us some KFC.After dinner I blew  up an  air matchest and put it in  my mum’s and dads room so I could watch tv and then   we went to sleep.The next day I woke up and got the ipad so I can watch youtube  videos.After that my mum and dad which there show on the tv.After they finish watching there  show my auntie ring beacuse she wanted to call about her little luch at her house.Then at 3:00 we got ready and cooked our chocolate cake with the chocolate finger around it.  Then we went to my aunt's house.When we got there we started to eat and we had chicken,Minass and fri bread.After that we had a little rist and then we had the chocolate cake.After that I went inside to watch my cousin play a game and then we played twister. But I watched and my little cousin was so good.Then we went home and planned our trip in the holiday.After that it was 8:30 and  me and my sister had to go asleep for the next day.


  1. hello it is me Aaliah from room 11 and 12 i just loved your writting your writting is a dream to i love it keep it up

  2. Hi Leilani I loved how you told us the time and made your story interesting to read keep it up.

  3. HI Leilani I love your writing it has a lot of detail. The picture that you drawed looks very yummy. Keep up the great work.