Thursday, 15 September 2016

Car Between two trees

Once upon a time there was a farmer that lived in Whangarei ,New Zealand and his name was George and he was married to Rose.They also had one child named Elizabeth and she lives in Australia.Elizabeth is really attractive maybe that's why she is a Victoria secret model.One day when it was Elizabeth’s birthday Rose and Jackson were in a rush. Because they woke up really late.When they were going Jackson started the car and he did not realise that the car was in a drive mode, and the car showws up and it went between two trees that Jackson admire a lot.Then when he was up in the tree he was so frightened so he called out to Rose.

So they tried to get Jackson out of the car but it was so hard to.They were so gloomy and it was awful.They tried to call the ambulance but they didn't have any signal.They tried everything but they couldn't do anything.When it was 12:00 at midday  he was still in the ute. They were so frightened and spooked because they didn't want anyone to pass way when it someone's birthday.

Then they finally had an  idea the idea was to cut down the trees slowly. But before they did they saw a black flash car and they knew that  it was their daughter Elizabeth.When she came out of her car she was so scared so she got both of  her helpers  to get her  dad down and they did get Jackson down.Then they went to Elizabeth's birthday.And they lived happily ever after.

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