Tuesday, 22 November 2016

First Time Playing Softball

What skills did we learn today?How to catch,How to work as a team.We also learnt how to the butterfly catch,the bucket catch,the over arm and to put our hand in the glove.

What games did we play?Sneaky base,a tag game and a catching game.

What did I like the most?I like the Sneaky base because we all got to run to every base in 5 seconds also I like it because we also learnt how to be sneaky.

So in this photo it has Aj,me,Tha-Zin,Giovanni and John T and it looks 
like the school oder a huge ball and they put it in the tree.
Also a big thank you to our coach Hugh for planing this and 
making time for us also a big thank you to the school for geting some one to tech us softball.

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