Monday, 7 November 2016


In the weekend on Saturday it was guy fawkes and I had  a great time.First we went to my family meeting and before we went there my sister said that my favorite people from my mum side was coming but they didn’t and I was so sad.Also   when we were there we ate yummy chocolate cakes and I wanted more but then I will get a sore sticky.After that I was so tired so we went home and I went on the ipad.After that we cooked dinner and we had salmon,Chicken,Bread,minasy and silver bed.Then after dinner we went outside a watch the fireworks and they were so colourful and there was lots of  smoke coming towards us.The next day we cleaned up and our nextdoor naubers were lighting more fireworks than when it was night time and  the colour of the fireworks came  through my curtains, and that was my guy fawkes weekend I hope you enjoy.

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