Thursday, 10 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On Wednesday the 9th of November all of the year 1 to 6  went to Hoyts cinemas in Sylvia Park.All of the students  had to come to school before 8:20 because if you came after that time you will miss out  so that why you had to go to school early.When it was time to go we went in  to two straight lines and we walked to the bus and the bus took us to the movies.We went  there to watch Manaiakalani movies that our school made.Before every movie two people from a class went up and said something and it was a little clue for the people that were not a presenters.

My four  favourite movies were Bmg by room 9 because there drawing was amazing and the music sounded cool.Also there acting was on fleek.The second movie that I like was the Christmas story because it had light coming from different ways and there acting was good to.Now the second to last movie that I liked is the Pokemon go GI beacuse Dasiy facials were funny.Now the last one that I like is Love Generation beacuse it was edited really good and the song is lovley.

In this first photo it is me and my friends on one side also we are heding to the cinemas.In this next photo it is my whole school walking into the mall so that we can get to the movies.Now this is my last photo and it is us walking into the ganit movie thearter and the teachers trying to keep the childern in line.

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