Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Girl in a jar

Once upon a time  a girl name Jasmine  was going out with her family because it was her nana's birthday. So she got ready and they all left and got in the car. Before they went  to the restaurant, which was where they are going to have the birthday party, she got her nana a present and she got her some colourfull  fairy's her Nana really loved fairys.Then when she bought it they went straight to the place.Once they got to the place  all of them stayed up.later that day the party started so they got their Nana and started but  Jasmine was really thirsty so she got her a tasty drink.After that her cousin came with there baby girl and Jasmine loved her so she went up and said “hi”.Next  she took the baby girl and showed her what she got the Nana. After that  someone called her and she put the baby down and she did what that person wanted her to do.But when she lifted she forgot to put the present back and something bad happened….

Jasmine forgot to put the present back so the baby open it and the fairy’s flow out and they went in the drink.When they were in the drink their pockets had  magic dusted and all of it came out and it went in her drink.After that the fairies went out and Jasmine drink it all up. However  she went small and she was on the table then she looked for the glass jar to see if the fairies went back in but when she went back to it they weren't in it and she was really upset.

But one of her cousin sour her and she took her to the nearest doctor and the doctor gave her medicine.Meanwhile when her cousin took her to the doctor she went back to tell everyone and then they all got flowers for her and then she went  home and she took the mean and she got better.
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