Monday, 17 October 2016


The equipment that we use was a bowl,spoon and a cup and the ingredients that we use was cornflour,water and food colouring. First we got into teams and the we  added the cornflour to the bowl.Then we slowly added small drops of water into the cornflour then at the same time we mixed it altogether, but you had to mix slowly so that it would  be right.After that Miss Scanlan tested the Oobleck and if it was right then you could pick any coloured out of pink,blue and green to put in your mixer.Then after     a while   you could play with it and when room 13 played with it we made a huge mess.  

The mixture looks  slimy,gooey and when you pick it up it was really runny.When I pick it up it was really weird and it was soft but when I wanted to hit it it was solid.

The mixture is solid and liquid.I think that the Oobleck is really fun and it will be a great toy to play with at home.It is also nice and when you put your fingers in the mixture your fingers sink in.

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