Thursday, 6 October 2016

In My Hoilday

In the holidays I went to Gold Coast,Australia for my sister sixteen birthday and me and my family was really glad.Before we went there my mum and dad got a good deal because the real cost for Seaworld.Dreamworld,Movieworld and Wet N Wild all together is $2469 and 6c. But they paid half a price.On September the 27th that day was when we were going to leave so that afternoon we went to the airport but we were 5 hours early.So we waited for a long time but it did go fast.After all that time waiting we check in and  waited again but for 2 minutes. And well we were waiting we heard someone singing in Maori but it was a sound that was coming out of a speaker for the new people that arrived in Auckland.When they called  out our number we lined up and the women was scanning our tickets,the plane that we went on is called  Jetstar and the plane was itsy-bitsy so we were all squash together but not to much.Me,my sister and my mum sat next to each other and my dad sat on the other side but his chair was close to the walkway and I did not like the plane ride.When we landed in Gold Coast we got our bags and I sprinted out of security to my cousin Helen-margaret because she was coming along with us for our holiday. But she is from melben.Once we finish saying hello we sour our Shuttle bus so my dad got out our Shuttle necklaces  and he put it on so that the driver noes that we paid for this bus.When the driver sour the necklace we put our bags underneath the bus and he drived us to Crystal  Bay Resort and that was where we stayed for our holiday.When we got in our room it was so beautiful and the resort had  a pool,Spa and a B,B,Q.After we looked in our room my mum and dad went out shopping and well they were out I charged up all of our things and I had a shower. Then my mum and dad came back and we put away the food then my cousin and  sister went in there room and me and my dad watch tv and my mum was in bed.When we finished watching tv I went asleep with my mum and my dad went asleep  on the couch

The next morning we woke up at 5:00 am and the curtains were opened and the  door and we looked outside and it was a beautiful view.We could see the ocean.Once we finish looking at that we had breakfast and got change and we caught our shuttle bus all the way to sea world.When we got there  there was a big line but since they had me we went in the line for people with kids under 12 and it did not take forever to wait. When we got inside we went to a desk and they took a photo of me and my family so that they could make a id for all the other theme parks. But not for dreamworld and whitewater.When they finish we went inside a went on all of the rides and then we had a yummy luch  and went on more rides.At 4:00 pm we needed to go out so that we can caught our bus all the way to our hotel. When we got back we cooked dinner and for dinner we had nachos and it was delish.Some of us ate outside and some of us ate inside.After dinner we all had a shower and we did all different things.Then my cousin and my sister went asleep late at night. But me,my mum and my dad went asleep early so that we can get  energy for the next day. My mum and dad went asleep in their room and I went asleep on the couch and that was for my  whole holiday.My fouvrite theam park was Dream World beacuse I could go on all of the rides and it was all fun.My fouvrite  ride there  was pandamonia,the claw and the wipe out.  

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