Monday, 10 October 2016

In My Cool Holiday

In my holiday I went to Gold Coast with my family and a special guest named Helen-Margaret. We went there because it was my sister sixteen birthday.On September the 27th we went to the airport and the Jet star plane took us all the way there.When we got there we were 5 hours early so we check-in and waited for another 4 hours.When we were there we went to the theme parks like Dream World ,Movie World,Wet'n'wild,Sea World and we went to Dream World two times because we loved it.My Favourite park was Dream World because it had all of the drops and you could go upside down for a while.

When we got there we went  to our hotel and we pack everything and my mum and dad went shopping for lunch,dinner and snacks.The next day we went to Sea World and we saw dolphins and I went in a huge play place and when we were out at the theme parks we had to leave at 4:00 pm. Because we had to catch our Shuttle bus.When we got back to our place we had a yummy dinner and for dinner we had Nachos and it was the bomb.Then the next day we went to Movie World and I went on the cool rides at the kids place but then I got broad and I went on the  big kids rides.On day we went down stairs and we went in the spa and the giant pool and it was really nice.On the 2nd to last day we went to Dream World and I went on the big,cool rides.My favourite rides  out of all of the theme parks were wipe out,The claw and the one that goes up and down and round and round and it  also went up side down.

Then on Tuesday was the last day at Gold Coast and we pack up and we went to the airport and we went back home.When we got home we got a Frozen Coke and then we went asleep.  

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