Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Leilani - Guardians Of The Galaxy! Space Narrative Writing!

Guardians of the galaxy!

Space narrative writing!

Walt: create a narrative piece of writing 

Introduction -  

Auckland  is now polluted and we are running  out of oxygen so we need to move to somewhere safe and somewhere that has oxygen. It was very strange that we were running out of oxygen because it was a nice sunny day. Other countries are not running out of oxygen and they are not polluted why? Since I was still at home me and my family were packing our bags and my Dad said let’s go and find a spaceship so that we can find somewhere safe. Later on that day once  we had  finish packing our bags qw then we took my Uncle’s truck to go to another planet because my uncles truck is big and it can hold many people. When we were driving to another planet I saw my friend Lillyana and her family with their bag filled to the top. So we drove to the side of the road so they could jump in with us so that they are not walking to the spaceship’s. While my dad is driving us to the  another planet me and lillyana were talking about how to evacuate people to the spaceships so they can go to another planet. My Dad also said that the people in Auckland can take the spaceships and we can take our car (the spaceship’s are controlled by my Dad so that the people inside are safe). When we were nearly going to take off we heard a massive speaker saying everyone go to the spaceship’s and pack your things in your bag’s. Since we heard that we waited for everyone to get to the spaceships so the robots inside of the spaceship’s can set them and so that we can control the spaceships’. About four hours later everyone was seated and my family was the only people in the v.i.p place because they need to best care. Then we took off into space!!! When we got up there it was super cool and dark. I wish that there was a bit more light so my Dad turned on the car light’s.Also when we took off into space earth looked super weird and it had lots of nude patches all of it.

Paragraph 1 -

When we were up in space we couldn't find a good planet to stay on so my went back down to earth.The spaceship’s were doing fine and my dad said that my family was having a little party to celebrate from not dying from how there was not oxygen.The spaceship’s were one of the biggest spaceships in the world and Bill English design it.It is red and it has a blue outline all around it.Every time that we went down my tummy felt weird and I could see beautiful stars everywhere I wish that I could grab one but I know that it was far away from me . Ok so we were nearly back at earth and I was super happy but I wonder if it is still polluted?

Paragraph 2 -

Ohhh no a big rock was coming right towards us and I was super scared we told my dad to hurry up the car so we could go faster back to earth.But the rock was much more faster than us so we tried to push the car with our hands but when we do that we were going to die and run out of air so we just put our head’s back in the car as well as our hands.The rock was still coming towards us so we quickly prayed so that we don’t die and then the rock was getting closer and closer and everytime it got close it was getting hotter and brighter.Oh my gosh it was so close that I hugged my family and told them that I love them so much.Then once it came we moved to the side like nothing happened and we were so shocked so we went back now to earth.

Paragraph 3 -

Once we got to back to earth it was not polluted and we had plenty of oxygen so we unpacked our bags and I dropped Lillyana and her family back to their home.When I got home we also unpacked our bags and we were saying that was very close we nearly died but we are still alive from moving to the side of the massive rock.I am super happy that we survived because if we didn’t I would be dead by now and I would just be so sad.Once we had finish unpacking our bags we went to the movies to celebrate us surviving!

Conclusion -

Feww that was super close I hope that doesn't happen again and I hope that we stay safe and sound.I hope you like my narrative it took me a while and BYE BYE.

Task description - Today me and room 8 have wrote a narrative about us taking off into space.Also the rest of team 4 did it as well.I have done three paragraph and a conclusion.My fingers now hurt from writing all of this and it took me a long time to do it.I this story I have wrote lots of things.I have re - wrote the introduction because I didn't like how my dad was the main character so I add him.I am also coming out with an animation that is based off this story.It should be posted on my blog before term 4.Also I am coming out with a planner that is for my animation so make sure you stay tune for those post I am sure that it is going to be super cool.So I hope that you enjoy my writing and I hope you leave a positive comment if you like and BYE BYE!!

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