Sunday, 9 July 2017

Leilani - Winter Learning Journey! Day # 2 New Zealand By Land And Sea!

Day # 2 New Zealand By Land And Sea!

Hello and today we are going to be doing day 2 for the winter learning journey!I hope everyone enjoy

Activity 1: After a very busy day of sightseeing you and your group drive from Tane Mahuta to your hotel in Dargaville. When you arrive you decide to sit down and record your thoughts in your travel diary.
Before you start writing, take a minute to read more about Rangitoto island, Karekare beach and Tane Mahuta.  On your blog, tell us which of the three places you most enjoyed visiting and why.  

Most enjoyed 1 - Rangitoto! When I go to Rangitoto I like to go and see the beautiful nature and go for a walk to the top of Rangitoto.
Most enjoyed 2 - KareKare Beach!
Every time I go to KareKare Beach I love going for long swims and watching the sun.Because then I will feel like I am on vacation.
Most enjoyed 3 - Tane Mahuta!
Tane Mahuta is a very cool place.When I go there I can learn about trees that I haven't learnt about before.
Activity 2: As an island nation, New Zealand is completely surrounded by water. It is the perfect place for people who like to swim or to sail! While in Dargaville, recovering from your busy day of sightseeing, you notice a number sailboats going by. One of the boats is manned by a young German girl named Laura Dekker. At the age of fourteen she sailed around the world the entire world by herself. You can watch a short video clip about her adventures here: Laura Dekker sailing trip.   
Let’s imagine that you had the chance to interview Laura while in Dargaville. On your blog post five questions that you would ask her.
Question # 1 - When did you first  start sailing ? 
Question # 2 - Do you have an inspiration?
Question # 3 - When do you train?
Question # 4 - Who taught you to sail?
Question # 5 - Are you self taught?

Bonus Activity: When you finish your interview with Laura, you decide to keep on interviewing people. For this activity, your task is to conduct a real interview with an actual member of your family. Please ask them to think about their five (5) favourite things to do in the out-of-doors. They can be things that they enjoy doing on land or in the water. Post the list of outdoor activities on your blog.

Bonus Activity: 10 points

My cousin Helen - Margaret ( What she likes to do outside ) 
First thing that she like's to do - Play outdoor sports
Second thing that she likes to do - Go on adventure's
Third thing that she likes to do - Go to lunch with friends
Fourth thing that she likes to do - Go fishing
Fifth thing that she likes to do - Go for runs  


  1. Hey Leilani im so inprested by your awesome work ive commetd on all your post thats weird but good. Keep the great work up.

    1. Hey Madison

      Thanks for doing a comment on every post I have done.I will try to do a comment on yours as well because they should be super cool.I hope that you have an amazing school holiday and stay safe BYE BYE!!

  2. Hi Leilani,

    It's so nice to see you and Madison writing to one another and supporting one another over the holiday with your learning. Our blogging team here at the university is really impressed and I am certain that your teachers and whanau are, too!

    I hope that you are able to share your learning with your family and friends over the next few weeks. You've now learned some pretty cool facts about NZ that you can share. You can also tell them all about the adventure that you had today visiting Karekare, Tane Mahuta and Rangitoto.

    I'm happy to see that you enjoyed Rangitoto the most. It is a pretty special place! I have only been to the island twice in my life but I really enjoyed it both times. The second time I went over to Rangitoto I was competing in a running race. My friend, Carolyn, and I ran across both Rangitoto and Motutapu (an island beside Rangitoto) as part of a half-marathon. We ran for a total of 21 km. It was pretty tough but the view from the top of Rangitoto and Motutapu made all of the hard work worthwhile!

    I hope that you get the chance to go to Rangitoto and Motutapu one day. I'm pretty sure that you (and Margaret) would love the view that you get of Auckland city from the top...

    Keep up the great work with your blogging and your positive commenting!