Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Leilani-#Keep New Zealand Beautiful!


  1. Hi Madison, Leilani and Lillyana,

    I really like the way that you have come together to work on the Winter Learning Journey activities. It's a great way to share the workload and to have fun together while you're learning!

    I think that you have each come up with some great ideas for keeping New Zealand beautiful. It is pretty important that we do what we can to protect and preserve New Zealand for future generations.

    From a personal perspective, I want to make sure that Aronui (my son) inherits a country that is clean and safe. I hope that all of us will remember to do what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste. I hope that we will also remember to pick up rubbish that we see on the ground and to use reusable bags when we go our shopping (rather than plastic bags). I actually have to go grocery shopping tonight and I am going to bring a re-usable bag with me.

    Cheers, girls. Your post has really inspired me to think about my behaviour and to make changes that will help the environment.

    Ka pai!


    1. Kia ora Rachel!

      Thank you so much for posting s comment that helps so much.We worked super hard to do this and it took us a while to do it.

      Yes we will pick rubbish up if we see it and we will make sure that we put our rubbish in the right bin.When I go out shopping we use plastic bags because every time I say to my per ants to use re - useable bags they don't listen but I will try to use it.

      Thank you so much for posting a comment on most of our blogs and work and I hope you have an amazing holiday stay safe and GOD BLESS!!