Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

On the 19 of August on Friday it was cross country.After lunch it started and  everyone went to the hard courts  and line up in their line.They had to sit in their  year group  and they line up in girls and boys group’s.Before everyone went to the netball courts they got changed in their team colours. Before the race Mrs Nua tells  us to   stand up and we  go onto  the field  and we line up behind a rope.We had to follow two big kids and we had  to run a 1 big lap= 1 kilometre.After the race if you come 5 place and up your name goes on a cardboard paper and then you can go and get a drink at the water station.

For the cross country I was in the red team which is Te Aurere.Before the race I was so NERVOUS and excited at the same time. When the race started  I sprinted all the way to the finish line  and I also   had a 10 sec walk.I think that I did good and I think that I tried my best and everyone else did an amazing and great job.After the race I was so sweaty and thirsty.

On the corner on the left side there is a photo of our team flags that are colourful and their are more.My fourite part was the middle photo of Efe-Lata and she looked like that she was so tired but she keeped going.The one of me and brokllen  is on the left side of the  conoer at the bottom we looked so so broed but we tryed our best.