Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Olympics Rings

In the Olympics games there are 207 country also when the Olympics ring joined together that shows friendship between nations.Each country has at least one Olympics ring colour and that is called  continents there are 5 continents in the Olympics rings.The 5 different continents colours are blue which stands for New Zealand and Australia,black stands for Africa,red stands for America's,yellow sand for Asia and green stands for Europe.

One of the nations that are in the Olympics are U,S,A which stands for United States of America. Germany,Greece,Canada,Brazil,

Russia Evgeniya Kanaeva she has won  2 gold medals  and she does gymnastics.Michael Phelps does Swimming. He has won 18 gold medals 2 silver and 2  bronze and he’s from Image result for olympics rings on fireU,S,A.Image result for olympics rings on fire