Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Olympics

In the Ancient
 Olympics long time ago all they did  was short runing races and boxing,Only men did it beacuse they had to get fit for the wor.But now they have Gymnasits,Diving and volley ball and more.They have the Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro,in Brazil,South America.On 5th of August in the middle of the night on friday the Olympics start for New Zealand and in America they start a diffenrt day.Ever tme the Olympics start they have a torch Relay in the torch relay they have to past the torch to diffent  people the last person have to light the big pot then the Olympics start.In the Ancite Olympics if you win you get a crown of olive leaves but now you get a medal and a toffey and I think that you get a bottle of wine.

My drawing is a diving place were your jump off the bord and on the wall there is the torch][=]