Thursday, 11 August 2016

Katinka Hosszu champion

Im am Katinka Hosszu I am from Hungary. When I was at my game in the weekends I beat the word record at swimming.I won because I am a champion and champions practice.I have Brown eyes,brown hair and when I swim I were black,purple and blue swimming togs with cool gogles.My coach that teach me swim is  my husbend named Shane Tusup he was born in U,S,A.

Before  the race I felt very nervous because there was so many people there in the system.I was also was Excited at the same time because when I was turning my couch said I was great and I was thinking that I can win this thing.While I was swimming I felt so nervous because my Country supporters was there and they wanted me to win if I did not win then my country will be up sit with me.I also was feeling proud of myself  because I saw nobody next to me or in front of me so I knew that I was winning I also heard my couch saying go go go to me .When I was  on the last race I was really Tired.

My race was the women’s 400 meter inderinvel medley. Also my time was 4;26 it was only 5 mintes faster then the person behend me.I felt very happy and proud of beating the word record and now I am in the finals.When it was time to give out the medal and prizes  they said my name and I got a gold medal which means I came frist place.It was also my second time beating the world record.