Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Leilani - Creative Writing

Walt: create a piece of writing using my sense 
Walt: to create a strong plan before I begin my writing. 
Creative Writing

Task: Using the above picture imagine that you are there think about all of your senses with your writing.

Planning: Answer all of the questions in the plan to help you think about what you are doing and why you are there to give you ideas.
Where abouts are you?
I am in a Woodhill forest.
What can you see?
I can see trees , leaves and planets.
What can you hear?
I can hear birds swooping around and when I walk I can hear the leaves moving.
What can you taste?
I can taste some delicious chicken sandwich with hummus and crackers.
What can you smell?
I can smell nature.
What can you feel?
I  can feel my food and I can feel the leaves.
Who are you with?
What are you doing?
We are going on a walk in the forest and we stop by a tree to eat our lunch.
Why are you doing what you are doing?
So that we can get fit and that we get out of the house.

Sentence Starters - One cold autumn day….. One sunny afternoon….. One sunny autumn morning….

Writing: Start you writing here

One sunny autumn morning Jordin and I decided to go on a walk to Woodhill forest. So we packed our lunches and we put Jordin's tiger in the car and off we went to Woodhill forest. Once we got there we unpacked our things out of the car and we started to walk. When we were walking Jordin and I were talking about  how delicious our lunch is going to be and we were talking about the lovely nature. Jordin’s tiger was protecting her because her dad told the tiger to do what he said. ”Isn’t this nice”said Jordin.” Yes it is so lovely”. I think it is time to eat our lunch” I said. .”Okay”said Jordin. So we sat down to eat. It was very hot and sunny so we found a nice big tree to sit under. ”Mmm, this looks so yummy” I said. “Yes it is”said Jordin. I love hummus that is my favourite dip. While we were eating Jordin also feed her tiger. When we were eating our food our view of the trees were amazing I could see a bird it is red and yellow.After we ate our food we decided to go home because it was getting late.Once we got home we had a wash and Jordin’s tiger went to sleep.It was very cold when we left the forest because it was about 6:00 pm at night.
Task description - Today Room 8 literacy had to do an writing activity based off one picture.This activity was super fun and I did this with my friend Jordin. Please check out her blog and leave a positive comment. JORDIN. Thanks to Miss Parrant for letting us do this.If you enjoy this please share with your family or friends.Also you can leave a positive comment (if you like).God bless , stay safe and BYE BYE!!

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