Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Leilani - Starryteller!

Walt: to summarise information across texts
Walt: to be able to explain what we find in space 
Walt: to be able to give a short definition of what space is

Reading 1

Did you know that there is a Mars desert research station.They learn about how astronauts  live in small places , they also study about science.About six people in there crew stay at the station for up two weeks.When they want to communicate they use radios.The crew house is called a two story housed.It is probably just like a normal house but it is much more smaller.

Reading 2

In this reading they have asked her some questions and then she had to simply answer it.My favourite question that they asked her was “where did you interest in mars come from”I liked that question because at the end she says that she just discovered that  her grandfather family’s  name is Marziali . Isn't that amazing.

What have I learnt?
What have both of these activities taught you about space?\

Both of the activities have taught me what they live in which is called a hub.I have also learnt what they do and what they are researching.It is super cool learning about what people do in space and I also like what they are doing and researching.

What do I want to know more about?

What would you like to know more about. Write 3-4 bullet points

I would like to know about how was the experience when they blast off into space.

I want to know how they purper for space and how long they have too get ready on a daily basis.

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Task description - Today I have done an reading and then I have done an activate.It was really fun and it really took me a long time like a long time.When I first started I thought it is going to take me two days to do it but it didn't.It was super fun and I really enjoyed it.If you enjoyed please leave a positive comment and have a amazing day!! BYE BYE!!

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