Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Leilani Holiday Blogging - Day 2 - The Great Depression !

Summer Learning Journey


Week 2 

Day 2 - The Great Depression

Activity 1 - Dealing With Stress

In New Zealand, many people lost their jobs during this decade. Experts predict that as much as 30% of the population was unemployed. It was a very stressful time for families.

Sadly, many of us still experience stress in our lives to this day. When I feel stressed I try to go for a walk or pop into my local gym for a quick workout. Exercise makes me feel better. What about you?

When I feel stress I try to watch calming videos to clam me down. Or I sit in my room. I am not to often stress but some times I am when I get mad with my sister.


On your blog, please tell us what you do when you want to relax or de-stress. Do you read a favourite book, watch a favourite television show or talk to someone special?  What are your tips for dealing with stress?

When I feel relaxed I try to do some home work so that I am not behind. Another thing that I have been doing often is to read some books. I am currently on a Geronimo Stilton book. But on most days I am not stress.

I think tips for dealing with stress is to try not to get stress. Maybe you have planned a amazing day trip but everything goes wrong and you get stress. Maybe just try to think of another idea like go visit some of your family members , go shopping , go play some arcade games and there is such more things you can do. Another way to deal with stress is stress balls. People mad stress balls ( which are like squishes ) You can use those to prevent you for getting stress and from getting mad.


Activity 2 - Offering A Helping Hand

During this period, people struggled to find work both here at home and overseas. It was a really tough time for people living in the Great Plains of the United States because they were hit with a huge drought that lasted for most of the decade. Many crops were damaged and farmers were not able to make enough money to feed their families.

Imagine that you were alive in the 1930s. What could you have done to help these families? On your blog, list three different ways that you could raise funds for families to help them buy food and clothing. Be as creative as you can with your fundraising ideas!


Option 1 - Most house have things all around the place that no body's seem to use. Your kids have got older and they had piles of toys siting in their rooms waiting to get used. So the is called clutter. Clutter is things just siting around not to be used. With all that clutter you can have a garage sale. I would say you should do it on a sunny day so that many different people can come and purchases some items.

Option 2 - One day you can go around to many different people and ask for a couple of dollars. Tell them the reason why. The reason why is you and a couple of your friends are going to stay in the same building but without big food and technology. The only food that you would be able to eat is small candy and drinks. These are the same food that other people in the world can't afford. So you just go around to some people ask for some money and tell them the reason why. With the money that you fundraiser take it to your family.

Option 3 - What I would do to save some money for these poor families would be to have a food sale. I could invite some of my friends over and we can make some muffins , cakes and cupcakes. We could sell them on a nice sunny day. Also to go a long with that we could also make lemonade. With all the money that we make we could give it to the poor families.


Bonus Activity - Paying It Forward

In the mid-1930s, things began to change for the better in New Zealand. More people were able to find work and receive a steady paycheck. They were still careful, however, with their money and rarely, if ever, bought treats or gifts for one another.

Imagine that you were able to travel back in time to visit a family in the 1930s. What special gifts or treats would you like to bring with you? I would likely bring blocks of Whittaker’s chocolate, bags of Jet Planes and Pineapple Lumps, healthy food snacks, clothing, and games for the children. What about you?


I would bring some food for the family that the future has , toys for all ages , clothing and baby items for the baby's that don't have that much things. But the most important item that I would like to take with me to the past would be money. So that the families could buy them a new house and make their kids happy.



  1. Hey Leilani, thanks for working so hard on the Summer Learning Journey programme. I have really enjoyed reading your posts and I hope you keep up the hard work all summer long!

    I liked your post about relieving stress. It's a good idea to watch videos that you like to take your mind off things and relax. Are there any other ways you like to relax?

    Great job with your three suggestions about how to raise money and donate items to help out other people. That is very kind and considerate of you!

    I especially like how you mentioned that you could sell all the old toys that are lying around your house, have a garage sale and raise money for people.

    Finally, I also liked reading about your plans to bring food, toys, clothing and baby items back to the people from the 1930's. You seem like such a kind and generous person!
    What sort of baby items would you take back with you?
    The people would be so grateful for all that you bring.


    1. Kia ora Billy ,

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my SlJ.

      I think another way to relax is too I am not too sure. The baby items that I would bring would be like food , diapers , wipes and baby food.

      Leilani :)