Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Leilani Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey !

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Have you ever heard Summer Learning Journey before? Well today you are going to find out what is Summer Learning Journey , who is running it , what do you do and much more.

So let's start off with the basics . Like what is Summer Learning Journey ? Well Summer Learning Journey as I got told is a holiday posting programme. If you are old to my blog and has been checking often you should know by now that I have been apart of the Summer Learning Journey for a while. This programme keeps students learning to not go down in the holidays. All students that participate in this programme learning goes up and not down like the others. 

Alright now that you have learnt a bit about Summer Learning Journey. You might be curious about who is running this programme. Well this amazing , talented person name Rachel Williams came up with this idea with a couple other people in the Manaiakalani team. Last time I joined this programme she worked by herself with her son sometime's. But now that she has gone much , much more successful she has formed a team. Me , myself I am not too sure abut how many there is and who are they. But I am 100 percent sure that she has a amazing team.

Okay so now that you have learnt some of the basic's you might be very curious about what do you do. Well I think that Rachel does this programme when it the Winter and Summer holidays but I am not too sure. But her and her team would come up with some amazing , outstanding and great ideas for the students that have joined the Summer Learning Journey some weekly activity's. They say that we can do it when ever we want , when ever and how ever we want. 

Do we get anything?
Well yes we do. Rachel and her amazing team pick three students out of the school that they think has done such a amazing work at every Summer Learning Journey post. The other students that don't win get a certificate. For the top 3 winners they get things like ipads , treats , books , food , phones and many other items that they team feels like buying for their prize.  

I hope that you had a fun journey reading and learning about the Summer Learning Journey. Make sure to check out the Summer Learning Journey website right Here. Also check out my weekly activity's on my blog that you are currently on. God bless you and your family , happy holidays and see ya later !

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  1. Kia Ora Leilani,

    Wow, what an amazing summary you have written about the Summer Learning Journey programme. It is a great overview of the entire programme - how it works, who runs it, and what students earn when they finish. I loved reading through all of your explanation and felt very humbled by your description of myself and our team. We love our job and absolutely love working with you!

    See you at Pt England when I come in to hand out the certificates and prizes for the SLJ.

    Warmest regards,
    Rachel :)