Monday, 8 January 2018

Leilani Holiday Blogging - Week 1 , #1 - Shoes!


Week 1 , # 1 - Shoes

Activity 1 - Converse

When buying shoes , Converse are the way to go. Converse has many history about when it was made and how it was back then. 

For this activity. Read this reading about the history of Converse. Link Here.
Once done make a Google Drawing about the shoe. How it was made ? , When ? and how it started off. Try to find as much information as possible. 


I've here created a Google Drawing about Marquis Mill Converse and his company. 


Bonus Activity - Create Your Own Shoe

For this task as you can see we are going to be creating our own shoe. You can create has much shoes has you want on any site u want . Try your best and be very creative.


Here is a image from the side of the shoe. I have re did the LeBron Soldier XL.  My main two colours were University red and Team red. 
Here is the bottom of the shoe. It is glow in the dark.  

Also here is the front of the shoe. One side says Lei and the other side says Lani. Leilani.

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