Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Leilani Holiday Blogging - 10 Tips For Going To The Beach !

Task description - Wow it has been blazing hot the past few days. So since it is hot most people would be going to the beach. I thought that since everyone is going to the beach I could do a presentation about 10 tips for going to the beach. So here it is. 

As you can see from the first slide the colour theme is blue because of the ocean. There are two different tips that I gave you all. The mother travelling with kids and the person without kids. 

God bless you and your family , happy holidays and see ya later!


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  2. Hey there Leilani, awesome post! This is so helpful and creative, well done.

    I was planning on going to the beach this weekend, so now I have some wonderful new ideas, and it's all thanks to you!

    I like the idea of bringing a tent to seek shade or the smaller containers for food. I am constantly getting sand in my food at the beach, just because I am eating a sandwich doesn't mean I want a 'SAND'wich.

    Have you been to the beach recently?

    Thanks, Billy

  3. Kia Ora Billy ,

    Aww , your such a kind and thoughtful person. Great , I hope you have a fun time at the beach. I also hope it doesn't rain.

    Hahahaha. You are very funny. I love how you look those two tips.

    Yes I have been to the beach recently. It is called " Buckland Beach ". It was so much fun and I loved it so much.

    What beach are you going to?

    Leilani :)