Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Leilani - Commenting!

Task description - Today since I had no work to do I thought I should do an activity all about commenting.So once I got home I worked very hard on doing this.I think that my fingers are now very tired and they need a rest but I think that commenting is very fun.I made sure that I left the link to their blog and the post that I comment on.This activity was very fun and if you enjoy it please leave a positive comment ( if you like ) Share with family or friends ( if you like ) God bless , stay safe and BYE BYE!!


  1. Wow Leilani! You have been working very hard at home, well done! I'm sure that all of these people will enjoy reading your comments. I like how thoughtful your comments were and how you created this activity by yourself, ka pai!

    1. Kia ora , Miss Scanlan

      Thank you so much for leaving an comment on my commenting blog post.Yes I have worked very hard and my fingers were so tired after doing this.

      From - Leilani