Monday, 25 September 2017

Leilani - Free Writing!

Walt: structure and write a recount
Walt: use interesting and specific vocabulary 
Free Writing
“You’ve just reached your one millionth hit on your YouTube video. What is the video about?”

Today you have the chance to write about something that you really like. It is a form of free writing! You can pretty much write about whatever you like related to the prompt above.

Things you are NOT allowed to write about:
  • Killing
  • Violence
  • Guns
  • Anything else that is in the above categories

You need to write about something sensible, it can be funny and creative but make sure it is acceptable for school and follows the PT ENGLAND WAY!

What is your YouTube video about?It is all about kindness.
Who is in your YouTube video?Everyone that I enter viewed.
Who is the audience for your YouTube video?Everyone that is watching the video.
Is it a song?No
Is it a music video?No
Is it an advice piece?Yes
Start Writing here
Today I reached my one millionth view on my Youtube video it is very exciting because it was really fun..The video that I have made is all about kindness.I interview   many of people and I asked them how can you be kind ? What is kindness mean ?.I also enter view this little boy that made his own video all about kindness.He was really funny.After I enter view everyone I edited everything.It was really fun interviewing everyone and talking with different people.I have learnt that you don’t need to judge people on the way they look.Here are some tips that may  help  you on  how to be kind!
  • Don’t judge other people on the way they look.
  • Help people.
  • If you see someone crying then help them instead of walking pass.
  • Sharing is caring.
  • Before you say to other people that they have sauce on their t-shirt then look at yours first.
  • Make kindness go viral.
That is some tips on how to be kind!
If you would like to check out my video all about kindness it is obviously on Youtube.Thank you to everyone for letting me inter view them and for my  friends for helping me out.

Since I reached one millionth view then I am going to celebrate.So I am going to get a huge pool and go to the shop and grab over a million M&m’s.Then I am going to go onto the roof and jump into the pool full of M&m’s.After that I am going to do the dumbest thing ever.I am going to be doing the 10.000 calorie challenge.
Task description - Today Room 8 had to do an activity all about us reaching one millionth view's on our Youtube video.Of course that this is not real it is just a free writing.I just got really creative with my writing and I made sure that it was kind.If you enjoy please leave a positive comment ( if you like ) God bless you and your family ( if you like ) Stay safe and BYE BYE!!

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