Thursday, 28 September 2017

Leilani - Information About Mars!

Walt: to be able to explain what I have learnt this term  
Walt: to be able to summaries a story in my own words

Information About Mars!

When they are going to b sent to mars / what they are doing. -
In 2020 four humans is going to be sent   to Mars.They aren’t just going to stay there and explore they are going to be staying there for their whole lives.They are going to be doing experience maybe and just finding information about Mars.

How we can get connection. -
The spacecraft is going to be recording it and putting them on t.v so that you can watch it.It might be a bit bad quality because it is in space.

What they are going to stay in. -
They are going to be staying in Dome that has oxygen.They are going to be staying in there and all of their things are in there.

The End . -
I hope that they get there safely and I hope that they have fun on Mars.In 2020 they are going to be going so stay tune.
Task description - Today since I have finish my work I said that I am going to be writing about the Mars one project.

If you enjoy please leave a positive comment ( if you like ) God bless you and your family.Stay safe and BYE BYE!! 

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