Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Leilani - Cross Country Recount!

Walt: create a recount about school cross country. 
Walt: to expand my ideas in paragraphs. 

Cross Country Recount

Things you need to do:
  • Introduction - hook the reader what is this recount going to be about.
  • Who, what where, when and why? Include these in your story.
  • You will need 2-3 paragraphs for your recount.
  • Conclusion - how was this day?

Start Writing here

Last week on friday it was the first of september.We had cross country.Our whole school had to run around.So we had a short morning tea and lunch time.When it was lunch time there was some people doing face paint so my friends and I went to go and find them because we really wanted some paint.

When we were sitting down it was really hot so the teachers went around to hand out some sun screen so we don’t get sun burnt.The first team that went was the year one’s they only ran a little bit.After the year one was the year two’s.Ok it goes on and on but you get it.We were sitting there for quite a while we were getting bored.

I think about 45 minutes later it was finally our turn.When we got onto the field my friends and I stand together so that we could run together.Mr Burt said that “we were the only team that does not have a leader that leads us to where we are going” then he said “to follow the yellow arrows”.”Bamm”we all started to run really fast some body trip and I nearly trip over them.When we got to the gate it was really muddy most of the girls walked around it but I ran straight through it.When I was running my friend Inga was running next to me so I cheered for her but then she end up stopping.Miss Takerei said “come on my lunch monitor” also my manager for my netball team said “come on Lei!”.

I had ran past  quite a lot of people.We had to run past the family that helped.I also pasted some teachers.When I first ran I went straight through the arrow’s. We went outside of school by the reserve.I ran then I walked just a little bit.

`Once I got back to the netball courts we got a drink of water each just one.Our feet was really dirty and muddy.When I sat down I was trying to find my friends because I wanted to see how they done.I was still super tired and I was out of breath.I finally found my friends so we went to go and wash our feet.I kinda wash it but it didn’t come off so I waited for once I got home.It was super fun and I really enjoyed it.My nana said that I am getting much more filter.

Task description - Last week on Friday we had cross country.So our teacher told us that we had to write a recount about what happens at cross country,Since we have our writing test soon this is our practice.I have added two pictures so that everyone can see what it kinda looks like.The bottom picture is a picture of me and my friends trying to fit under a small unbrala because it was very hot and sunny.I have done a introduction and three paragraphs.Thanks to Miss Parrant because I think I have done way better at my recount writing.If you enjoy please leave a positive comment (if you like)Plase share with you friends and family (if you like)God bless , stay safe and BYE BYE!!

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