Monday, 13 November 2017

Leilani - Film Festival Writing!

Walt: write a recount about a personal experience. Walt: organise our ideas into a series of paragraphs.

Have you ever been to the movies with your school? Well on the 8th of November Pt England School went to Sylvia park to watch the Manaiakalani movies. Room 7 went in the morning and room 8 and 6 went later in the morning. When waiting in the bus we sang songs , looked out the windows and talked to each other. A couple minutes later we finally reached   our destination.

Once we got out of the bus we headed start into the mall. There was lots of public so we needed to be sensible . When we  were walking I  saw a ride and  it looked so fun. We walked into the movies and waited until we were told that we can walk inside of the theater. Once they said we can go in we all  got a seat and waited until Mrs Grant did her speech. It wasn’t too long because we needed to jump straight  into watching the movies. I was super excited.

While we were watching the movies that other classes made I started to get tired I wish I could go to sleep but I didn’t want to fall asleep at the movies. Room 7 had a really cool movie. Their movie is called the time machine. I loved that movie because it was funny and it was not too boring to watch. I think that all of the Manaiakalani movies were great and funny.

When we were in the movie theater we were with another school. I think that their school is called St Patrick's. They had some very sensible uniform. Their movies were more about the world and how to keep it  healthy and safe. All movies were outstanding and the actors are just experts.

After the movies were all done I was super exhausted. But I had enough energy for the rest of the day. I have learnt lots of things like being more cybersmart , to take care of the world much more better , don’t give up and always try my best. I think that all of the movies showed something really helpful for the future and for the next generations. I also think that we are going to improve more in our learning by watching these movies because they are showing us something very great. I love going to the movies to watch the Manaiakalani movies.

Task description - As you can see room 8 is writing about film festival. This writing didn't take me a long time I just had to make sure I was on task the whole time. My goal was to try and use new words and made sure that I finish it on time. I have done a introduction , three paragraphs and a conclusion. This writing made me improve my writing just a little bit and I love writing. God bless you and your family , stay safe and see ya later!

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