Thursday, 23 November 2017

Leilani - Trip To Orchestra!

Trip To Orchestra!
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Have you ever been to a Orchestra? Well on the 22th of November. The year 7 and 5 went on a trip to the Orchestra in New Zealand , Auckland. We watch acrobat and amazing talented people play amazing instruments.

While we were there watching amazing talented people were playing outstanding instruments. We even learnt about each instrument. Did you know that the Violin has the highest pitch? First before the acrobats came onto the stage they played some nice and relaxing music made by different talented players that play instruments. It was stunning.

Now the talented acrobats came onto stage. They did amazing tricks and they had stunning costumes. There was five acrobats. They re told the story by dancing. They did some outstanding tricks. It looked like they practice , practice and practice every single day.

I have learnt much more about instruments by going to the Orchestra. Also I am very sure that that was my first time going to watch acrobats doing outstanding tricks. Would you like to go to a Orchestra? Link Here Please Check It Out!

Task description - Year 7 and 5 went on a trip to Orchestra. Since we went there I felt super bored so I wanted to write what we did. I didn't go into to much detail because I wanted it to be simple and fast. I have added a link so that everyone else can check out the Orchestra that we went too. God bless you and your family , stay safe and see ya later!

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