Thursday, 16 November 2017

Leilani - The Perfect Goal By Vanessa Barker! Reading!

Walt: to be able to find important information in the readings
Walt: to identify what percussion instruments are 

The Perfect Goal
By Vanessa Barker

I’m flying through the air, high above the city. I’m the world famous Jackson Davis, Captain Unreal’s trusty sidekick, and below us the cheers of the crowd are deafening. We go in for a landing, and people are patting me on the back, congratulating me for helping save the world. They chant my name over and over. “Jackson! Jackson! Jackson” Captain Unreal clears his throat loudly. “Jackson Davis, hand me that comic book. NOW.”

“Huh?” I snap out of it, confused. Then i remember that I’m not actually  captain Unreal’s sidekick. I'm Jackson Davis and I'm in Year 7 at Glenvale Intermediate School. Right now, my teacher,  Mr Hoeata,  is standing above me with his arms crossed. He drops my English assignment on my desk and holds out his hand. I slowly handover the comic book. “ You can have this back at the end of the day,” Mr Hoeata says sternly and moves on to the next desk. Ugh. Compared to comic books, real life is so boring.

I lift my assignment up to my face. Written at the top in red letters is “See me”. I groan. You see, Other than comic books, I'm totally obsessed with soccer. I'm trying out for the team at the end of the school term and practice at lunch everyday. That’s why I wrote my assignment about scoring the perfect goal.  it seemed like a good idea at the time, but I have a feeling Mr Hoeata doesn't like soccer very much.

At lunch, I try not to worry about seeing Mr Hoeata at the end of the day. I’m playing soccer with some friends and I've got the ball. I dribble up the side of the field, and people fall over left and right as I zip past. The goal is only metres away. I kick the ball with one smooth movement. It flies over everyone's heads as if in slow motion - up and up, higher and higher, I feel my excitement building. Have I finally scored the perfect goal?

I stare at the ball with my mouth open as it flies over the goal... and straight into a crowd of people. That’s when the crying starts. I was going to be famous, that's for sure. Because I, Jackson Davis, will now forever be known as the kid who broke Kayla Hoeata’s nose at  lunch with a soccer ball.

The Perfect Goal

  1. What is the name of the superhero in the comic book Jackson is reading? Captain unreal trusty sidekick.

  2. Where does Jackson go to school? Jackson school is called  Glenvale intermediate school.

  3. When are the soccer tryouts? At the end of the school term.

  4. What was Jackson's assignment about? His English assignment.

  5. Why did Mr Hoeata make Jackson give him the comic book? Because Mr Hoeata didn’t like the comic book and Jackson was making up story.

  6. Why might Jackson think real life is boring compared to comic books?  Because when you are reading a comic book it is very interesting to read about. Also what he is doing at school which is probably very boring he just thought that comic books were much more funner than real life.

  7. Why does Jackson practice soccer at lunch everyday? Jackson practice soccer everyday because he really want’s to get into the soccer team. Because practice , practice and practice makes you become a expert. He would also get very fit and healthy that is also another reason that he could be practicing every lunch time.

  1. Why did Jackson think he was going to be famous for breaking Kayla’s nose? Because instead of being famous for getting the best goal. He would be famous for breaking Kayla's nose. This here is kinda a joke. Also he would become famous because everyone was there to see him do that.

  2. Why might Jackson be worried that he is going to get a bad mark for his assignment? Because he didn’t study instead he read his comic books. He also didn’t listen to the teacher which means he is not respectful.

  3. Do you think Jackson will get in trouble for breaking Kayla’s nose? Why? I think Jackson will get in trouble because he wasn’t being careful and he thought he was the master. He needs to be more himself and not to be someone that they are not to be.

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