Monday, 6 November 2017

Leilani - Guy Fawkes Day Writing!

Guy Fawkes Day Writing!
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Do you have a family member that has their birthday near Guy Fawkes day? Well I do. My nephew Kenana birthday is on the 4th of November. Since it was his birthday we thought it would be a good idea to go over to his house and have a sleep over.

Before his mum Sheila came to pick us up of course we had to pack our supplies. I packed a spare jacket , my pillows and my onesie. After a couple minutes later she came to pick us up.

Once we got to my cousin Sheila house we got ready to watch the rugby  league game which was Tonga vs Samoa. Most of us were voting for Samoa even though they are Tongan. Yay! , Tonga won. I think that both teams did  really good. ( Couple hours later ) We seated up the beds and my nephew Kenan started dancing to all of the songs that were on MTV. Finally we went to sleep.

To Be Continued…….

Want part 2 click the link.

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