Monday, 6 November 2017

Leilani - Guy Fawkes Day Writing Part 2!

Guy Fawkes Day Writing!
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It was time to get up and get our day started. Our plans were to drop me and my sister off back at home. So we cooked breakfast , cleaned the beds , got changed and clean our faces. Once the house was cleaned Sheila partner Michael said that we should get some bolts for their basketball hoop before they drop us off home.

But then once we got the bolts we went to the park to play a game of basketball and of course to play at the park. There was a flying fox at the park and we kept on going on it plenty of times.Our next stop was at pak'nsave.
Since it was hella hot we got two drinks and a pack of ice-blocks. We drank the drinks like real fast and ate nearly every ice-block.

Then it was time to go back to Sheila's home. Instead of getting our bags and them dropping us off back home. We called our parents to see  if we can stay so we can light some fireworks with my nephew.

We waited until it got darker to light the fireworks. It was super cool lighting the fireworks because there was different types of fireworks and colours .  But after a couple of fireworks we had to unfortunately go home.

So Sheila drove us back home and while we was going home she got us a frozen coke at Burger King. It was actually cold outside but we still got a frozen coke.

Once we got home me and my sister Stacey got a surprise. You might of guess what it is but if you haven’t it was more fireworks. So of course we had to light only the little ones because there was tress and we couldn’t light up the big ones.

The End!

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