Thursday, 26 November 2015

Interview with a paleontologist

Going to the museum

Yesterday we went to the Auckland museum. Some helpful parents helped and all of the year 3 went on the bus it was lound. We look at the fossils and dinosaurs also some cultural items some of them has dark colours. We went there because mr Blakey wanted us to experience the museum. When we got there I got so excited that i couldn't stop smiling.

When we got there I saw 3 amazing things. My first amazing item was the minecraft. There were some goggles they were black. You had to sit down on a black cub. On there was bottoms that's you use to move up and down. It was like a minecraft world it had a lot of dark color Cubes.  My next favourite item was the wake. It had some beautiful Maori carving. The people that made it tried there best. My second favourite item was the Maori carving. There was some people doing more carving. I think they do it for 3 weeks. Their hands must get sore.

I really enjoy the day because I saw some amazing item. I really want to go next year with my next class. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Predator x

This dinosaur is cloud the predator. The predator x was the strongest sea carnivore which lived millions and millons of years ago. They can move 50 or25 metres a second fast. They also,had a big body so it will swim in the water. The predator x has sharp teeth like a shark. Also when. Fish is swimming and an other sea animal what's to eat it. The predator x has light fins because it needs to swim fast. 


Diplodocus was the longest herbivore that lived millions of years ago. It was the biggest herbivore on earth.

A diplodocus was an amazing animal. A diplodocus has long neck because it needs to see over the trees. A diplodocus doesn't have sharp teeth because they are able to eat leaves. Also a diplodocus has short legs. At the front of the leg there is one sharp claw at the top. That's there because it can fight other dinosaur.  The tail is long because it fights its enemies so that they don't hurt its family. It's also has small eyes.

Today it was fun writing all about dinosaur.