Monday, 12 December 2016

Softball And Cricket

For Softball there is fielders and batters.Also there is four bases first base,second base,third base and home base.When we played this game the fielders had too make sure that there feet was stuck to the ground until the batter hit all three balls.For the fielders you can get a glove to get the ball with and it is really different to a snow glove.And we put the three balls on the tee.Also the tee is this tall and black and it has these writing on it.First the batter hits all of the three balls then once the batter finish hitting all three balls the fielders get to move and they need to go the ball and quickly to get the balls back on the little white cone.Will the fielders are trying to get the balls back on the cones the batter is running to each base.So that is how you play the game and what equipment and what players are.

For Cricket there is  batters and fielders.First the batter hits the ball then once the batter finish hitting it the fielders catch it, well the fielders are trying to catch the ball the batter is running to the small white cone .Once the fielders finish getting the ball then the batter's team gets points.Also this game is so cool and fun.Also we had to try our best and share the ball to everyone.

Story Time With Team 3

Why do dogs sniff bottoms with Mrs Nua.

Image result for why do dogs sniff bottoms book

I like this book because it is funny and it has a player and he has  a funny name.This book is all about why do dogs sniff bottoms also it has cool players in it.

Story Time With Team 3

Green eggs and ham by Dr Seuss.Mr Jacobson

Screenshot 2016-12-12 at 10.28.13 AM.png
That Mr J put lots of detail into his voice when he was reading the story.Also the words that the creator put in is amazing and who eats green eggs and ham what? This book is all about one  player it asking the other player if he can eat the green eggs and ham but he keeps saying no until he tries it and he loves the green eggs and ham.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Merry Christmas

since it is nerly Christmas day I thourght i should make and slide show.I hope you injoy.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Monday, 28 November 2016

Making Slime

One day me and my class made slime with our teacher we had so much fun so i made and presenttaion also i   have done two ways to make slime one is runny and the other one is a bit more like slime.I hope every one enjoys this and  have a good day bye :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What Have I Learnt This Year?

I hop everyone enjoys this and I did this beacuse I wondted to share with you guys what I have done this year enjoy :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

First Time Playing Softball

What skills did we learn today?How to catch,How to work as a team.We also learnt how to the butterfly catch,the bucket catch,the over arm and to put our hand in the glove.

What games did we play?Sneaky base,a tag game and a catching game.

What did I like the most?I like the Sneaky base because we all got to run to every base in 5 seconds also I like it because we also learnt how to be sneaky.

So in this photo it has Aj,me,Tha-Zin,Giovanni and John T and it looks 
like the school oder a huge ball and they put it in the tree.
Also a big thank you to our coach Hugh for planing this and 
making time for us also a big thank you to the school for geting some one to tech us softball.

Monday, 21 November 2016


On Friday the 11 of November we had Athletics at Pt England School.The whole school did it but some people didn’t come.

On athletics day there were lots of sports like Javelin,Relays,Tug-o-war,High jump and more.Some sport were held by the youthtown and some sports were out of school.Also after school my dad said that when I did high jumps I ran then I stop and my dad said to jump and my sister was laughing at me.

My Favourtie three sports were Relays,Tug-o-war and Dodgeball I like Relays beacause when you run there is fresh air also I came 2nd ,3rd, 4th and 6th.Now for the tug-o-war I like that one beacuse we came second place and we tried.Now for the last sport I like that one beacause I stayed alive for a long time also it was fun runing aroung and escaping.Also all of the teachers did a good job siting up and Miss Va’afusuaga allways dose a amazing job at planning everything and geting all of the sports gear.

Wow look how much kids there are.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Pt England School

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On Wednesday the 9th of November all of the year 1 to 6  went to Hoyts cinemas in Sylvia Park.All of the students  had to come to school before 8:20 because if you came after that time you will miss out  so that why you had to go to school early.When it was time to go we went in  to two straight lines and we walked to the bus and the bus took us to the movies.We went  there to watch Manaiakalani movies that our school made.Before every movie two people from a class went up and said something and it was a little clue for the people that were not a presenters.

My four  favourite movies were Bmg by room 9 because there drawing was amazing and the music sounded cool.Also there acting was on fleek.The second movie that I like was the Christmas story because it had light coming from different ways and there acting was good to.Now the second to last movie that I liked is the Pokemon go GI beacuse Dasiy facials were funny.Now the last one that I like is Love Generation beacuse it was edited really good and the song is lovley.

In this first photo it is me and my friends on one side also we are heding to the cinemas.In this next photo it is my whole school walking into the mall so that we can get to the movies.Now this is my last photo and it is us walking into the ganit movie thearter and the teachers trying to keep the childern in line.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Things That I like


In the weekend on Saturday it was guy fawkes and I had  a great time.First we went to my family meeting and before we went there my sister said that my favorite people from my mum side was coming but they didn’t and I was so sad.Also   when we were there we ate yummy chocolate cakes and I wanted more but then I will get a sore sticky.After that I was so tired so we went home and I went on the ipad.After that we cooked dinner and we had salmon,Chicken,Bread,minasy and silver bed.Then after dinner we went outside a watch the fireworks and they were so colourful and there was lots of  smoke coming towards us.The next day we cleaned up and our nextdoor naubers were lighting more fireworks than when it was night time and  the colour of the fireworks came  through my curtains, and that was my guy fawkes weekend I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

When I Grow Up

For reading we read a book named When I grow up and that is by Barbara Berge.We had to make a slidshow of when I grow up and I did it.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Banana Triple-Chocolate Muffins

One day we went reading with our teacher and we read Whats for breakfast.Once we finish reading that my friend saw another book called A Wizard in the house.Then once we finish reading that book my other friend saw another book called banana triple-chocolate muffins then my teacher said that we could make a anamotion so I did and I hope you like it:)

WE made Ice cream and it was so yummy here is a presnttaiton I made.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Picking Up Rubbish

Today we went outside to pick up rubbish to help the school and to show kindness.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Girl in a jar

Once upon a time  a girl name Jasmine  was going out with her family because it was her nana's birthday. So she got ready and they all left and got in the car. Before they went  to the restaurant, which was where they are going to have the birthday party, she got her nana a present and she got her some colourfull  fairy's her Nana really loved fairys.Then when she bought it they went straight to the place.Once they got to the place  all of them stayed up.later that day the party started so they got their Nana and started but  Jasmine was really thirsty so she got her a tasty drink.After that her cousin came with there baby girl and Jasmine loved her so she went up and said “hi”.Next  she took the baby girl and showed her what she got the Nana. After that  someone called her and she put the baby down and she did what that person wanted her to do.But when she lifted she forgot to put the present back and something bad happened….

Jasmine forgot to put the present back so the baby open it and the fairy’s flow out and they went in the drink.When they were in the drink their pockets had  magic dusted and all of it came out and it went in her drink.After that the fairies went out and Jasmine drink it all up. However  she went small and she was on the table then she looked for the glass jar to see if the fairies went back in but when she went back to it they weren't in it and she was really upset.

But one of her cousin sour her and she took her to the nearest doctor and the doctor gave her medicine.Meanwhile when her cousin took her to the doctor she went back to tell everyone and then they all got flowers for her and then she went  home and she took the mean and she got better.
Image result for story starters pinterest


We did a experament with coke and Mentos and it was cool.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Today we made popcorn we leant how the corn kernel changs of heat.

Monday, 17 October 2016


The equipment that we use was a bowl,spoon and a cup and the ingredients that we use was cornflour,water and food colouring. First we got into teams and the we  added the cornflour to the bowl.Then we slowly added small drops of water into the cornflour then at the same time we mixed it altogether, but you had to mix slowly so that it would  be right.After that Miss Scanlan tested the Oobleck and if it was right then you could pick any coloured out of pink,blue and green to put in your mixer.Then after     a while   you could play with it and when room 13 played with it we made a huge mess.  

The mixture looks  slimy,gooey and when you pick it up it was really runny.When I pick it up it was really weird and it was soft but when I wanted to hit it it was solid.

The mixture is solid and liquid.I think that the Oobleck is really fun and it will be a great toy to play with at home.It is also nice and when you put your fingers in the mixture your fingers sink in.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

In My Cool Holiday

In my holiday I went to Gold Coast with my family and a special guest named Helen-Margaret. We went there because it was my sister sixteen birthday.On September the 27th we went to the airport and the Jet star plane took us all the way there.When we got there we were 5 hours early so we check-in and waited for another 4 hours.When we were there we went to the theme parks like Dream World ,Movie World,Wet'n'wild,Sea World and we went to Dream World two times because we loved it.My Favourite park was Dream World because it had all of the drops and you could go upside down for a while.

When we got there we went  to our hotel and we pack everything and my mum and dad went shopping for lunch,dinner and snacks.The next day we went to Sea World and we saw dolphins and I went in a huge play place and when we were out at the theme parks we had to leave at 4:00 pm. Because we had to catch our Shuttle bus.When we got back to our place we had a yummy dinner and for dinner we had Nachos and it was the bomb.Then the next day we went to Movie World and I went on the cool rides at the kids place but then I got broad and I went on the  big kids rides.On day we went down stairs and we went in the spa and the giant pool and it was really nice.On the 2nd to last day we went to Dream World and I went on the big,cool rides.My favourite rides  out of all of the theme parks were wipe out,The claw and the one that goes up and down and round and round and it  also went up side down.

Then on Tuesday was the last day at Gold Coast and we pack up and we went to the airport and we went back home.When we got home we got a Frozen Coke and then we went asleep.  

Thursday, 6 October 2016

In My Hoilday

In the holidays I went to Gold Coast,Australia for my sister sixteen birthday and me and my family was really glad.Before we went there my mum and dad got a good deal because the real cost for Seaworld.Dreamworld,Movieworld and Wet N Wild all together is $2469 and 6c. But they paid half a price.On September the 27th that day was when we were going to leave so that afternoon we went to the airport but we were 5 hours early.So we waited for a long time but it did go fast.After all that time waiting we check in and  waited again but for 2 minutes. And well we were waiting we heard someone singing in Maori but it was a sound that was coming out of a speaker for the new people that arrived in Auckland.When they called  out our number we lined up and the women was scanning our tickets,the plane that we went on is called  Jetstar and the plane was itsy-bitsy so we were all squash together but not to much.Me,my sister and my mum sat next to each other and my dad sat on the other side but his chair was close to the walkway and I did not like the plane ride.When we landed in Gold Coast we got our bags and I sprinted out of security to my cousin Helen-margaret because she was coming along with us for our holiday. But she is from melben.Once we finish saying hello we sour our Shuttle bus so my dad got out our Shuttle necklaces  and he put it on so that the driver noes that we paid for this bus.When the driver sour the necklace we put our bags underneath the bus and he drived us to Crystal  Bay Resort and that was where we stayed for our holiday.When we got in our room it was so beautiful and the resort had  a pool,Spa and a B,B,Q.After we looked in our room my mum and dad went out shopping and well they were out I charged up all of our things and I had a shower. Then my mum and dad came back and we put away the food then my cousin and  sister went in there room and me and my dad watch tv and my mum was in bed.When we finished watching tv I went asleep with my mum and my dad went asleep  on the couch

The next morning we woke up at 5:00 am and the curtains were opened and the  door and we looked outside and it was a beautiful view.We could see the ocean.Once we finish looking at that we had breakfast and got change and we caught our shuttle bus all the way to sea world.When we got there  there was a big line but since they had me we went in the line for people with kids under 12 and it did not take forever to wait. When we got inside we went to a desk and they took a photo of me and my family so that they could make a id for all the other theme parks. But not for dreamworld and whitewater.When they finish we went inside a went on all of the rides and then we had a yummy luch  and went on more rides.At 4:00 pm we needed to go out so that we can caught our bus all the way to our hotel. When we got back we cooked dinner and for dinner we had nachos and it was delish.Some of us ate outside and some of us ate inside.After dinner we all had a shower and we did all different things.Then my cousin and my sister went asleep late at night. But me,my mum and my dad went asleep early so that we can get  energy for the next day. My mum and dad went asleep in their room and I went asleep on the couch and that was for my  whole holiday.My fouvrite theam park was Dream World beacuse I could go on all of the rides and it was all fun.My fouvrite  ride there  was pandamonia,the claw and the wipe out.  

Thursday, 22 September 2016

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I am going to University and study teaching.When I am in university I am going to be working  at a easy job so I can get money. When I am finish studying I will get a teaching job.If I can’t get in University.If I can’t be a teacher I will be a YouTuber and film videos all day.Image result for auckland university logoImage result for youtube

In My Holiday

In the holidays I am going to Gold Coast for my sister birthday on a airplane.When we are there me and my family are going to theme parks named Movie world,Dream world,Sea world and Wet'n'wild which is going to be fantastic.We are going to be going there  on the 27th of Spetember and that is a short time intal we go.

When we are there I want to go on lots of rides and try out new things over there.I will also like to take photos and swim all day.I want to have wonderful sleeps so that I can get pro sleep.Also when it is my sister birthday night I am going to try to eat food I have not tried before. When we come back me and my family are probably going to be really tired and when I come back to Auckland I will be talking about it all the time. My photo is the sea world park.

My Teacher

   My teacher has blond hair and she has style.SHe was born in October the 11 which means she is 23 years old.SHe is smart,she is nice and helpful.her name is is Sharisse Scanlan and she is really  on internet.When someone is stuck she helps them.She is the best. 

Comic strip

We used Onomatopoeia to make Comic strip.File_001.jpeg

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Car Between two trees

Once upon a time there was a farmer that lived in Whangarei ,New Zealand and his name was George and he was married to Rose.They also had one child named Elizabeth and she lives in Australia.Elizabeth is really attractive maybe that's why she is a Victoria secret model.One day when it was Elizabeth’s birthday Rose and Jackson were in a rush. Because they woke up really late.When they were going Jackson started the car and he did not realise that the car was in a drive mode, and the car showws up and it went between two trees that Jackson admire a lot.Then when he was up in the tree he was so frightened so he called out to Rose.

So they tried to get Jackson out of the car but it was so hard to.They were so gloomy and it was awful.They tried to call the ambulance but they didn't have any signal.They tried everything but they couldn't do anything.When it was 12:00 at midday  he was still in the ute. They were so frightened and spooked because they didn't want anyone to pass way when it someone's birthday.

Then they finally had an  idea the idea was to cut down the trees slowly. But before they did they saw a black flash car and they knew that  it was their daughter Elizabeth.When she came out of her car she was so scared so she got both of  her helpers  to get her  dad down and they did get Jackson down.Then they went to Elizabeth's birthday.And they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 12 September 2016

My Fun Hoilday

In my weekend on Saturday  I cleaned up the bathroom and my room because it was a messy.When my dad got home from work he made me two hot dogs and my sister made her a Omelette.At 4:30 my dad went to get us some KFC.After dinner I blew  up an  air matchest and put it in  my mum’s and dads room so I could watch tv and then   we went to sleep.The next day I woke up and got the ipad so I can watch youtube  videos.After that my mum and dad which there show on the tv.After they finish watching there  show my auntie ring beacuse she wanted to call about her little luch at her house.Then at 3:00 we got ready and cooked our chocolate cake with the chocolate finger around it.  Then we went to my aunt's house.When we got there we started to eat and we had chicken,Minass and fri bread.After that we had a little rist and then we had the chocolate cake.After that I went inside to watch my cousin play a game and then we played twister. But I watched and my little cousin was so good.Then we went home and planned our trip in the holiday.After that it was 8:30 and  me and my sister had to go asleep for the next day.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Leilani Bunny Story

Once upon a time there was Mrs and Mr  HamBright and they had two children  named Delijah and Max.They also had two baby rabbits  and they had one girl named  Snuggles and one boy named Bam Bam.Mrs and Mr Hambright lived in Brisme Australia with the two baby rabbits and Delijah and max lived in the  Cook Island.One day on the rabbits brithday they both got lots of preansnt they got corrots and corrots and more corrots so they desident to eat all of them up beacuse they were so exitced to eat all of it.

The next morning at 2:00 Mrs and Mr HamBright house was going side to side and Mr HamBright went to look but he did not see anything so he went back to sleep.So when it was 9:30 their alarm went off so they got up and watch a little bit of tv so that they had get worm and then they got changed and then they went down staris.Oh No said Mr and Mrs HamBright they sour two huge big baby rabbits I think that Snuggles and Bam Bam said Mrs Hambright me two said Mr HamBright.SO nice and  qucliy Mrs Hambright said let’s try and make them go outside ok said Mr hamBright so they did it super fast.But when they took them outside both of the rabbits staned on house cars peole and Mrs and Mr was crying alot beacuse there baby rabbits were so  big and they were desatring the word.

After all  that they finally   had a idea the idea was that the are going to make a huge carrot and put in a special ingredient but i am not going to tell want it is.So in the middle of the night they made ever thing once it was  finish they went to the rabbit and fed it all up.After they fed it all to the rabbits they went small and Mr and Mrs HamBright said sorry to the whole city.They lived hppley ever after.

My PAdlet

This term me and my reading group has been useing a website that could palte.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Water Polo Olympics Games

Cross Country

On the 19 of August on Friday it was cross country.After lunch it started and  everyone went to the hard courts  and line up in their line.They had to sit in their  year group  and they line up in girls and boys group’s.Before everyone went to the netball courts they got changed in their team colours. Before the race Mrs Nua tells  us to   stand up and we  go onto  the field  and we line up behind a rope.We had to follow two big kids and we had  to run a 1 big lap= 1 kilometre.After the race if you come 5 place and up your name goes on a cardboard paper and then you can go and get a drink at the water station.

For the cross country I was in the red team which is Te Aurere.Before the race I was so NERVOUS and excited at the same time. When the race started  I sprinted all the way to the finish line  and I also   had a 10 sec walk.I think that I did good and I think that I tried my best and everyone else did an amazing and great job.After the race I was so sweaty and thirsty.

On the corner on the left side there is a photo of our team flags that are colourful and their are more.My fourite part was the middle photo of Efe-Lata and she looked like that she was so tired but she keeped going.The one of me and brokllen  is on the left side of the  conoer at the bottom we looked so so broed but we tryed our best.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Derek Redmond hamstring

In 1992 in the Olympics in Barcelona  a man named  Derek Redmond is about to do the 400 meters race. He  is also  from British.Before the race starts  he  is feeling  so worried.He also might be so nervous because he want’s  to win and if he doesn't win his contree might be mad at him.

When the race started Derek Redmond was running so fast that  his hamstring snapped.He was  in lots of pain and he started to cry also he was so upset because he did not impress his dad.But he did not give up at all so he just started to hop on one leg.

When Derek Redmond broke his hamstring halfway to the finish line  his father  Jim Redmond came to help him   walk.Derek Redmond is an amazing athlete because he is always trying his best and he keeps  going even if he is in pain. You never give up  at thing and you never quit. When Derek Redmond dad was helping him walk to the finish line.