Thursday, 22 September 2016

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I am going to University and study teaching.When I am in university I am going to be working  at a easy job so I can get money. When I am finish studying I will get a teaching job.If I can’t get in University.If I can’t be a teacher I will be a YouTuber and film videos all day.Image result for auckland university logoImage result for youtube

In My Holiday

In the holidays I am going to Gold Coast for my sister birthday on a airplane.When we are there me and my family are going to theme parks named Movie world,Dream world,Sea world and Wet'n'wild which is going to be fantastic.We are going to be going there  on the 27th of Spetember and that is a short time intal we go.

When we are there I want to go on lots of rides and try out new things over there.I will also like to take photos and swim all day.I want to have wonderful sleeps so that I can get pro sleep.Also when it is my sister birthday night I am going to try to eat food I have not tried before. When we come back me and my family are probably going to be really tired and when I come back to Auckland I will be talking about it all the time. My photo is the sea world park.

My Teacher

   My teacher has blond hair and she has style.SHe was born in October the 11 which means she is 23 years old.SHe is smart,she is nice and helpful.her name is is Sharisse Scanlan and she is really  on internet.When someone is stuck she helps them.She is the best. 

Comic strip

We used Onomatopoeia to make Comic strip.File_001.jpeg

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Car Between two trees

Once upon a time there was a farmer that lived in Whangarei ,New Zealand and his name was George and he was married to Rose.They also had one child named Elizabeth and she lives in Australia.Elizabeth is really attractive maybe that's why she is a Victoria secret model.One day when it was Elizabeth’s birthday Rose and Jackson were in a rush. Because they woke up really late.When they were going Jackson started the car and he did not realise that the car was in a drive mode, and the car showws up and it went between two trees that Jackson admire a lot.Then when he was up in the tree he was so frightened so he called out to Rose.

So they tried to get Jackson out of the car but it was so hard to.They were so gloomy and it was awful.They tried to call the ambulance but they didn't have any signal.They tried everything but they couldn't do anything.When it was 12:00 at midday  he was still in the ute. They were so frightened and spooked because they didn't want anyone to pass way when it someone's birthday.

Then they finally had an  idea the idea was to cut down the trees slowly. But before they did they saw a black flash car and they knew that  it was their daughter Elizabeth.When she came out of her car she was so scared so she got both of  her helpers  to get her  dad down and they did get Jackson down.Then they went to Elizabeth's birthday.And they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 12 September 2016

My Fun Hoilday

In my weekend on Saturday  I cleaned up the bathroom and my room because it was a messy.When my dad got home from work he made me two hot dogs and my sister made her a Omelette.At 4:30 my dad went to get us some KFC.After dinner I blew  up an  air matchest and put it in  my mum’s and dads room so I could watch tv and then   we went to sleep.The next day I woke up and got the ipad so I can watch youtube  videos.After that my mum and dad which there show on the tv.After they finish watching there  show my auntie ring beacuse she wanted to call about her little luch at her house.Then at 3:00 we got ready and cooked our chocolate cake with the chocolate finger around it.  Then we went to my aunt's house.When we got there we started to eat and we had chicken,Minass and fri bread.After that we had a little rist and then we had the chocolate cake.After that I went inside to watch my cousin play a game and then we played twister. But I watched and my little cousin was so good.Then we went home and planned our trip in the holiday.After that it was 8:30 and  me and my sister had to go asleep for the next day.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Leilani Bunny Story

Once upon a time there was Mrs and Mr  HamBright and they had two children  named Delijah and Max.They also had two baby rabbits  and they had one girl named  Snuggles and one boy named Bam Bam.Mrs and Mr Hambright lived in Brisme Australia with the two baby rabbits and Delijah and max lived in the  Cook Island.One day on the rabbits brithday they both got lots of preansnt they got corrots and corrots and more corrots so they desident to eat all of them up beacuse they were so exitced to eat all of it.

The next morning at 2:00 Mrs and Mr HamBright house was going side to side and Mr HamBright went to look but he did not see anything so he went back to sleep.So when it was 9:30 their alarm went off so they got up and watch a little bit of tv so that they had get worm and then they got changed and then they went down staris.Oh No said Mr and Mrs HamBright they sour two huge big baby rabbits I think that Snuggles and Bam Bam said Mrs Hambright me two said Mr HamBright.SO nice and  qucliy Mrs Hambright said let’s try and make them go outside ok said Mr hamBright so they did it super fast.But when they took them outside both of the rabbits staned on house cars peole and Mrs and Mr was crying alot beacuse there baby rabbits were so  big and they were desatring the word.

After all  that they finally   had a idea the idea was that the are going to make a huge carrot and put in a special ingredient but i am not going to tell want it is.So in the middle of the night they made ever thing once it was  finish they went to the rabbit and fed it all up.After they fed it all to the rabbits they went small and Mr and Mrs HamBright said sorry to the whole city.They lived hppley ever after.

My PAdlet

This term me and my reading group has been useing a website that could palte.