Friday, 26 August 2016

Water Polo Olympics Games

Cross Country

On the 19 of August on Friday it was cross country.After lunch it started and  everyone went to the hard courts  and line up in their line.They had to sit in their  year group  and they line up in girls and boys group’s.Before everyone went to the netball courts they got changed in their team colours. Before the race Mrs Nua tells  us to   stand up and we  go onto  the field  and we line up behind a rope.We had to follow two big kids and we had  to run a 1 big lap= 1 kilometre.After the race if you come 5 place and up your name goes on a cardboard paper and then you can go and get a drink at the water station.

For the cross country I was in the red team which is Te Aurere.Before the race I was so NERVOUS and excited at the same time. When the race started  I sprinted all the way to the finish line  and I also   had a 10 sec walk.I think that I did good and I think that I tried my best and everyone else did an amazing and great job.After the race I was so sweaty and thirsty.

On the corner on the left side there is a photo of our team flags that are colourful and their are more.My fourite part was the middle photo of Efe-Lata and she looked like that she was so tired but she keeped going.The one of me and brokllen  is on the left side of the  conoer at the bottom we looked so so broed but we tryed our best.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Derek Redmond hamstring

In 1992 in the Olympics in Barcelona  a man named  Derek Redmond is about to do the 400 meters race. He  is also  from British.Before the race starts  he  is feeling  so worried.He also might be so nervous because he want’s  to win and if he doesn't win his contree might be mad at him.

When the race started Derek Redmond was running so fast that  his hamstring snapped.He was  in lots of pain and he started to cry also he was so upset because he did not impress his dad.But he did not give up at all so he just started to hop on one leg.

When Derek Redmond broke his hamstring halfway to the finish line  his father  Jim Redmond came to help him   walk.Derek Redmond is an amazing athlete because he is always trying his best and he keeps  going even if he is in pain. You never give up  at thing and you never quit. When Derek Redmond dad was helping him walk to the finish line.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Katinka Hosszu champion

Im am Katinka Hosszu I am from Hungary. When I was at my game in the weekends I beat the word record at swimming.I won because I am a champion and champions practice.I have Brown eyes,brown hair and when I swim I were black,purple and blue swimming togs with cool gogles.My coach that teach me swim is  my husbend named Shane Tusup he was born in U,S,A.

Before  the race I felt very nervous because there was so many people there in the system.I was also was Excited at the same time because when I was turning my couch said I was great and I was thinking that I can win this thing.While I was swimming I felt so nervous because my Country supporters was there and they wanted me to win if I did not win then my country will be up sit with me.I also was feeling proud of myself  because I saw nobody next to me or in front of me so I knew that I was winning I also heard my couch saying go go go to me .When I was  on the last race I was really Tired.

My race was the women’s 400 meter inderinvel medley. Also my time was 4;26 it was only 5 mintes faster then the person behend me.I felt very happy and proud of beating the word record and now I am in the finals.When it was time to give out the medal and prizes  they said my name and I got a gold medal which means I came frist place.It was also my second time beating the world record.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Olympics Rings

In the Olympics games there are 207 country also when the Olympics ring joined together that shows friendship between nations.Each country has at least one Olympics ring colour and that is called  continents there are 5 continents in the Olympics rings.The 5 different continents colours are blue which stands for New Zealand and Australia,black stands for Africa,red stands for America's,yellow sand for Asia and green stands for Europe.

One of the nations that are in the Olympics are U,S,A which stands for United States of America. Germany,Greece,Canada,Brazil,

Russia Evgeniya Kanaeva she has won  2 gold medals  and she does gymnastics.Michael Phelps does Swimming. He has won 18 gold medals 2 silver and 2  bronze and he’s from Image result for olympics rings on fireU,S,A.Image result for olympics rings on fire

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Olympics

In the Ancient
 Olympics long time ago all they did  was short runing races and boxing,Only men did it beacuse they had to get fit for the wor.But now they have Gymnasits,Diving and volley ball and more.They have the Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro,in Brazil,South America.On 5th of August in the middle of the night on friday the Olympics start for New Zealand and in America they start a diffenrt day.Ever tme the Olympics start they have a torch Relay in the torch relay they have to past the torch to diffent  people the last person have to light the big pot then the Olympics start.In the Ancite Olympics if you win you get a crown of olive leaves but now you get a medal and a toffey and I think that you get a bottle of wine.

My drawing is a diving place were your jump off the bord and on the wall there is the torch][=]