Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Trip to Te Tehi

Today Room 13 went to Te Tuhi .When we go there we met Jeremy.Once we was finished meeting Jeremy we went to an art room and we made our own dream house made out of shapes. We all had to follow Jeremy"s instructions to make our own dream house.Next  we got went  in a black room and Jeremy showed us a table and it had glue,paper,and a sleeping mask but no paint brushes he said it was  a challenge. You had to paint a portrait of your friend face with your hand.Next w e went in a other  black room we had to watch some  videos  we which  2 different videos and it was made by 2 different amazing art masters.Now Jeremy told us the top  secretes of this big triangle and it was sourounde by  tvs the show was filde by one person that was in Rarotonga and he was going around Rarotonga and we all used our magic and made smoke come out of the middle of the Triangle and  it came out of a black box.


how to make your own dream house made out of shapes
1, Pick you own 10 colored shapes
2,design your house before you glue
3,now you glue you shapes onto your paper
4,once finsed gluing you get a black vivid and out line your dream house
5,Design inside your house

Friday, 24 June 2016

Coldplay up and up

The Cold play band is a British band in London England.They have won 62 awards and have 7 album. Cold play is a very very famous band and there video are really good.There video is could up and up.

In the video there one part that has a sponge which is a football field and there was a huge take away cup in the middle of the mountains.  In one part of the video people was in a train and they saw a city that had big fish in the sky. There was also A car track around Saturn's rings and car were racing on the rings.

My favorite part was when people was in the cup swimming. It look really funny but I really like it. I like it because i have never seen people swim in a cup. it like magic.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Manta Resort Underwater Hotel

The underwater hotel is in Pemba Island and Pemba Island is in Africa . This hotel is in the middle of the sea but not to far from land in cast they need to get home fast .The Manta Resort underwater  hotel is surrounded nice clear water.

In the day the  underwater Hotel look  cool because  if you go under neft  to the other half of the boat  you can see lots of nice clear water behind the glass  and lots of fish. The whole boat look like a brown medium box .At night when you go down to your room there are lights that a around the boat and you can see the fish.When you want to go swim you can jump off the roof and do bombs.

If you want to go to the Manta Resort hotel you can go out into the sea with some swimming gear and you can go snorkeling ,diving also kayaking . When it’s  night time you can go on to the top deck and see the beautiful twinkly   stars in the sky . When you're hungry a butler brings your dinner and breakfast which is yummy.

Friday, 10 June 2016


Mice have a small body and big  black eyes and also ears and paws. The mouse’s eyes are big because at night they  need to see in the dark. Mouse’s bodies are small like a small potato.

Every day mice need fresh water so that they are healthy .If  mice are   wild  they eat seed fruit,  vegetable and paper which is  really crazy.

Friday, 3 June 2016

The Rich and Famous Opera House

The Sydney Opera house is in in the middle of the city in Australia and it surrounded  by water . Australia is the closest neighbor to New Zealand.

The Sydney Opera house is white and it looks like a shark fin in the day also the Sydney Opera house has some  massive windows that you can see throng . At night they can play some movies and some games for the people that come and visit. 

In the Sydney Opera house each year  7 million people come to whach Opera shows. In some Opera shows there are some gymnastics and stunts and singing that   that have some music instruments and also there are competition that people come and see.