Monday, 30 May 2016

Hotel with Beautiful view

In Peru there is a hotel that is 1200 feet high and it is in South American . This hotel is on the side of the mountain and it is being held by ropes so that is does not  fall.
In the Skylodge hotel there were  one big bed for family to come  and the outside  look like a spaceship . Every morning they would have to eat outside but if there is lots of wind they would have safety rope just just in cast.They eat outside on the side of the hotel and they can wear ropes just in case . They have a little place where they make there food and they can have some hot chocolate and more drinks .

Friday, 20 May 2016


First thing  after lunch we went to the hall for a special assembly.This group was called I-Luminate . There were 3 dancers and they were all from U.S.A two boys and one girl.All of them had costumes that had led lights on them.There were red, yellow,blue and more colors. Before the dance started Mr Jacobson told us how do they worked the lights .It was very interesting. My favorite part was the Whip and Turn down for what.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

London eye

Today we are writing about the London eye and it is a struc tyre in London and it next to the  water. When you are on the top of the London eye you can see lots of buildings and it a amazing view. It has 32 Gondolas which people go in also the ride takes 30 min long and  the London eye is 40 metres tall.When it night time  people sill go on it and it looks cool .It glows all night and it  colour is pink and red  and a bit of blue.It is so amazing a intersecting.

London Eye at twilight

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Colosseum is a building in Italy. We all watch a video and  the Colosseum was scary and it look haunted.also in the video there were different places that look cool . I really want to go and visit  it in really life.In the video it told us some name of same building I saw on same biulding that  there was   lots of shapes. Also there are some bigger building that some queens and kings.
Rome, Colosseum, Roman Holiday