Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Leilani - Little Red Riding Hood But With A Twist!.

Little Red Riding Hood With A Twist!.

My Story:

Once upon a time there was a little bad girl named Big Red Little Hood ( well that’s her nickname ).  Big Red Little Hood was never home before her curfew which her mother and father hated. When Big Red Little Hood was born her mother and father keep a huge secret from her. The secret was that there was a nearby forest that no one dared to walk in  or even take one step in the forest. The reason why was because the forest had many bad witches & ghost that can poison you.

Big Red Little Hood was wondering around her house and she saw the huge dangerous forest that’s full of bad witches and many ghost. She took one step in a she instantly got poison from a bad witch. “ Godley , godley turn you into a huge fail and make you bad until 12:00 pm “ , “ no one can stop this spell if it doesn't get stopped before  12:00 pm than the spell will last forever “ said the bad witch. Big Red Little Hood came out of the forest and her mother called “ Big Red Little Hood where could you possibly be? “.

Big Red Little Hood entered her home and she saw her mother baking a cake. Big Red Little Hood was wondering who the cake could be for so she asked her mother who it was for ,  “ mother , who is the cake for? “, “ it’s for your grandpa he is sick so I thought I could make a get well cake for him! “ replied her mother while she was mixing the batter in a large bowl. “ May I help? “ said Big Red Little Hood. Big Red Little Hood mother said yes and Big Red Little Hood took a green miniature bottle out of her pocket that was full of potion inside . Big Red Little Hood added a couple of drops of the potion inside the batter and than put the green miniature bottle back into her pocket before before her mother comes back from checking the baby. They waited a couple of minutes for the cake  to be finished in the oven baking so that they could all take it to their grandpa’s house. Big Red Little Hood mother felt not as good maybe she had a stomach ache so Big Red Little Hood asked if she could take the get well cake to her grandpa’s house. “ Yes! “ replied Big Red Little Hood’s mother. So off went Big Red Little Hood to her grandpa’s house to deliver the get well cake.

Skipping around the forest Big Red Little Hood was thinking about her wonderful plan. “ Hahahaha , my first person to change is going to be amazing! “ , “ I’m sure that my witch mother would be very very impressed! “ said Big Red Little Hood. Finally Big Red Little Hood came to her destination which was her grandpa’s house.  “ Grandpa i’m here! “ said Big Red Little Hood “ Come in my dear! “ replied Big Red Little Hood grandpa. Big Red Little Hood walked inside her grandpa’s house and gave him the cake. It was late at night so Big Red Little Hood turned on the lights so that her grandpa can see what the cake looks like. “ It looks beautiful “ said Big Red Little Hood grandpa , “ you and your mother must have worked very hard “. Big Red Little Hood looked very happy while her grandpa took one bit of the cake. After they had a couple pieces of the cake grandpa forced to have a nap so he covered his face with the blanket. Grandpa woke up from his sleep and Big Red Little Hood stood there.

Suddenly grandpa woke up. Big Red Little Hood looked at grandpa“ Grandpa you have such huge furry ears! “, “ what do you mean my dear? “ replied grandpa. “ Grandpa you have enormous and frightening  eyes “ said Big Red Little Hood , “ You have such sharp and nerve - racking teeth “. “ What do you mean my dear! “ replied grandpa in a very concerned voice.
Grandpa stood up at saw himself in the mirror. “ AHHHHHH! “ Grandpa couldn’t believe what he saw!. Out of nowhere a witch that had lovely hair and a very elegant broom flew into grandpa’s room. “ There you are! “ said the witch. “ O i’m sorry  , my name is Charlotte and as you can see i’m a witch. Well not a bad one from that forest , i’m actually a good witch and Big Red Little Hood has been in that forest and got poisoned by a bad witch. Now I need to stop the spell “ said Charlotte while grandpa was freaking out. “ Stop this spell and turn Big Red Little Hood back to normal and grandpa back to a human being , boom , boom , boom “ yelled Charlotte. Then everything went back to normal Big Red Little Hood was back to her normal self and Big Red Little Hood grandpa was back to normal and Big Red Little Hood knew not to go into that forest ever again. So Big Red Little Hood lived happily ever after.

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