Friday, 16 March 2018

Leilani - Thank You Letter ( Mr Goodwin )

Walt: To Make A Thank You Letter


Room 7

Pt England School

12 March, 2018

Dear Mr Goodwin ,

Thank you so much for organizing our food , tents and activities for the year 5&6 camp. Without you our camp wouldn’t be possible and it would of been all over the place. You were a huge helpful person to all of the teams , teachers and more. Our camp was amazing!.

My first favourite highlight was the Camp Concert!. Your mum was a great person for the challenges that were in between the group dances , it was super funny. The songs , dances were my most favourite and how our parents participated in the challenges!. The camp concert was really fun!.

Another one of my favourite activities was kayaking with Mr Burt. I really enjoyed Kayaking because many people tipped over and it was really funny!. I just love Kayaking so much that I have no idea on how to explain how I feel about Kayaking!.When I went kayaking I went with Rosie and she was crazy we went everywhere!.

Once again thank you so much for organizing the year 5&6 camp!. I really enjoyed everything that you did especially organizing the food!. You are a very important person to everyone because of your amazing organizing for the year 5&6 camp. Your the best.

Yours Sincerely



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