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Leilani Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey - Week 3 , Day 1 - White Picket Fences!

Summer Learning Journey


Week 3 , Day 1 - White Picket Fences

Activity 1 - Meat and Three Veg

dinner (2).jpg

It was common for women in the 1950s to stay home with their children and raise their family. They were called ‘housewives.’ Many housewives followed a simple rule when they prepared the evening meal: the ‘meat and three veg’ rule. This meant that they prepared dinners that included three different vegetables and a type of meat (eg. beef, lamb, or chicken).

On your blog tell us if you think that the ‘meat and three veg’ rule is a good one. Do you like the rule? Would you enjoy eating a typical 1950s dinner? Why or why not?


This chose was very hard because meat and three veg is just like a ordinary dinner and it is also cheap. But having that all night , everyday would be a no no. So maybe on some days you can have meat and three veg and on other days you can have something else. Just having the same dinner every night would be weird.


Activity 2 - What's In A Name ?

During the 1950s the population of New Zealand grew by 400,000 people. That is huge! In fact, so many people were having babies that many people refer to this period in our history as the ‘baby boom.’ Popular baby names in 1950s New Zealand were:

Christine John
Susan David
Margaret Peter
Judith Michael
Jennifer Robert

Read through the lists. Are these popular names in your school? On your blog, tell us which names are currently popular in your school. Please provide, at least, three girls’ names and three boys’ names that are popular.

When I was going to school, the name ‘Jennifer’ was the most popular girl’s name and the name ‘Matthew’ was the most popular boy’s name.

On the list there is no popular names like that at our school ( That is for the girl list ) But some names on the boys list we have a couple. Here is the most popular names in Pt England School.

The most popular names :

Marie ( 3 people )
Leilani ( 3 people )
Amelia ( 2 people )

John ( 2 people )
Aj ( 2 people ) 


Bonus Activity - Snail Mail

nz postcard.jpg

In the 1950s, most people communicated with one another by writing letters. According to the NZ history website, New Zealanders sent over 200 million letters and postcards between 1950 and 1960. That is an average of 87 letters per person!

For this activity, imagine that you are living in New Zealand in the 1950s. Use Google Draw* to design the front of a postcard that you could send to a friend. Try to include elements of Kiwiana in your design (e.g. Pohutukawa trees, Hokey Pokey ice cream, etc). Post a copy of your postcard picture to your blog. Be sure to describe what you have drawn on your blog beneath the picture.

*You will need to make a copy of the Google Draw template to create your postcard.


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So I have a friend ( Fake ) That lives in America. She really wanted to know more about New Zealand. So I thought that I could make her a post card about New Zealand. I featured Kiwi , hokey pokey ice - cream , wharenui and much more that New Zealand has.



  1. Hey there Leilani, you're doing a great job blogging these summer holidays - keep it up!

    I liked reading your honest opinion about having meat and three vegetables every night. I agree with you, I think it is a good idea but it might get a bit boring after awhile and start to taste very similar. I kind of like having a mixture of dinners in a week. It's cool to have a curry one night where all the flavours are together. But with meat and three vegetables you have all flavours separate.

    What sort of dinners do you usually have in a week?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hey Billy ,

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. Thanks I think that you are the rest of the people in the Summer Learning Journey are doing amazing at the activity's! Thank you once again for agreeing with my opinion. Well since you mention curry I am having curry for dinner tonight! I am sure you would enjoy. For a usually week we have chicken and mostly chicken. Maybe that is why I LOVE chicken!

    Leilani :)